Tuesday, December 21, 2010

wrap up your homemade goodies…

I made this fun little food wrapper for a Making Memories project and thought it would be fun to share the step-by-steps, just in case you’d like to try it:wrap7

Step 1:

Use the SLICE to cut several 1” images (I used the gift on the NOEL design card) out of patterned paper (I used the Argyle paper from the Noel Collection)


Step 2:  Remove the images from the cutting mat


Step 3: Lay a strip of paper towels on your ironing board.  Arrange the images randomly on a sheet of wax paper, on top of the paper towels


Step 4:  Add another sheet of wax paper, then a layer of paper towels.  Use an iron (on a medium setting) to “fuse” the layers together.  Be sure not to let the iron sit still for too long, and don’t use it on the high setting!wrap4

Step 5:  Keep checking – when the layers are “fused,” go ahead and remove the paper towels and allow the wax paper to cool


Step 6:  Wrap your homemade treats – embellish with ribbon or twine – and add a cute tag! wrap6



  1. that's such a fun idea! i honestly didn't even notice that you had sliced those presents ... i just thought it was printed paper wrap. lol!

  2. Holy cow you're so smart! This turned out so cute!! Thanks for sharing with us :)