Tuesday, March 06, 2007

bad news and good news...

First, the bad news...somehow between the time I took my camera card out of my camera and inserted it into my computer (this had to be all of what, 5 seconds?!?) the card decided to become corrupted. Yes, you guessed it, ladies and gentlemen...the photos are GONE. I am so glad I saved all of my photos onto my hard drive the end of last week -- because I wanted a clean card when I started my photography class over at Big Picture Scrapbooking on March 1st -- however, that means that the 150+ photos I took on Sunday while the kids played out in the snow are GONE forever. I am so bummed. I'm glad I have the few small images I uploaded to my blog...but terribly bummed about the others.

Now, the good news...Making Memories accidentally sent me two Grommet Tools. I e-mailed them to see if I should send one back and their response was this: "Don't worry about sending it back. Why don't you give it away on your blog?" So, that's what I'm doing. If you're interested in receiving a brand new grommet tool, just leave me a message! I'll draw a name Friday morning, so check back!


  1. Hi Wendy!

    I am so sorry for your pictures. If that happened to me I will really really freak out!

    And for the MM Grommet Tools. Wow! that is so beautiful... I want those... I hope I will be picked. LOL!

    Have a great day to you!

  2. Aaah, you've got to be kidding me! I was just looking at the grommets and tool on the addicted to scrapbooking website last night! I'll keep my fingers crossed for myself.

    Kristan Martin
    Libby, MT

  3. I just recently found your blog, and I'm really enjoying it.
    I'm so sorry about your pictures - I would be soooo upset! I have stories of my own in relation to that, but I'll spare you for now. But I feel your pain.
    How nice of MM and you for sharing this. I'm drooling...!

  4. sorry about your pics! something similar happened to me and i was bummed too.

    would love to get my hands on the grommet tools

    have a great week

  5. Hi Wendy, I love viewing your blog. Sorry to here about the lose of your pictures. That can be so irritating. I love this grommet set by MM. How generous of you and MM. Have a great day! Jamie

  6. Wendy, I'm so sorry to here about your pictures. Thats a big bummer. I love reading your blog and looking at all of your creations. You are good at what you do. I love the new MM grommet set. How very generous of you and MM to give one away. Jamie

  7. Hi Wendy...
    Ugh...That's such a bummer about your pictures...I lost pictures of Lexi's first field trip on my memory card. It took me a while to get over it.

    Glad that you are all feeling better. January..yes all of January... was like that for my family.

    Please put me in for the grommet tool...I would love one.

    Jenn :o)

  8. I hate it when that happens........I love looking at your blog..I moved from Provo a few years ago and I do not miss
    the snow...

    thanks for all the great ideas..
    OKC OK

  9. So sorry to hear about the photo card!

    Pick Me... Pick Me... I do not have one of those.

  10. hey wendy sue- your picture story is awful! I'm so sorry.

    Your blog is super cute...

  11. Ooh! I was looking at one of those last weekend. I lvoe the big grommets!

  12. I have always wanted to try that tool! Pick me!

    So sorry about the picture thing! I would be totally devastated!


  13. Heck yes, I'm interested! Sorry about your photos. Sometimes I think we'd all be better off with film and developing, ya know? Have a great day!

  14. Wendy,
    You've probably taken lots of pictures since Zach's b-day. Did you lose any "important moment" photos? I'm glad that you keep a blog to have a few back up pictures. I love his first steps pics. Hope the next few days are full of better news! Please add my name to your drawing. Kristy L.

  15. How could I resist being put in your drawing? Very fun! Thanks:)

    Sorry about your photo card. Lost pictures are never a good thing.

  16. Hi Wendy , sorry about your pics I know how that feels you just cant retake those pics, about the MM Grommet I hope you pick my name thanks.

  17. Count me in for your drawing Wendy!! There are some ways to save a corrupted card. Just do a Google search. I've read that some can indeed be saved. Don't know that much about it, but it's worth a shot. Technology can be a pain sometimes!!

    Janet - Wisconsin

  18. That stinks that you lost your pictures - it is a good reminder to me that I need to get my digital pics on a cd for backup!

    Love the grommets - that was cool that MM let you keep them.


  19. Hi Wendy,
    I am so sorry about your pictures.
    It was so nice of MM to let you share with all of us. I hope you pick me.
    Have a geat day!

  20. wow that was nice of MM, I would love to win that!

  21. *waves from a blustery & cold Kodiak Alaska*

    So Sorry about your pictures, Wendy. Weird sometimes how computers work.

    Your blog is awesome. Glad I found you.

    Kodiak, AK

  22. so sad about the pics--
    the grommet set is to die for though!
    judi p.
    lehi, ut

  23. Wow...this would be super...I wish some companies would start dropping off extra cricuts, cuttlebugs, punches, etc. hee hee!

  24. Hi,
    I have lost pictures in the same way before!! What a bummer!!

    I got to use the new grommet tool at my LSS the other day!!!
    I would love to be in your drawing!!
    Thanks so much!!

  25. Amazing that they didn't want it back! Great CANDY

  26. Wow...thanks for sharing. Love your blog and all of your creativity!


  27. Wendy,
    I'm so sorry to here about your pictures. I love your blog. Your scrapbook pages are wonderful.
    Thank you for giving away such a nice candy!

  28. Oh WOW! This would be such a cool tool to play around with! Thanks for offering it up on your blog. Nice!


  29. Wow cool "candy". That sucks about your pictures tho :-(


  30. What fabulous blog candy. I feel really bad that your pictures have disappeared, hope you can somehow retrieve them. Linda SS

  31. So sorry to hear about your pictures! That is such a BUMMER! These grommets look so cool. Love your blog.

  32. I lost a bunch of images last week when I wasnt paying attention and said to put into a folder that wasnt right and I deleted it. NOthing special but it just gave me more to do because now I have to reshoot the stuff for my blog. oh well, nobody died!

  33. WOW! What a great give-away!! But I'm so sorry you lost your photos!! Hopefully you'll get a little more snow and can replace them! :-)


  34. Hi there Wendy.... WOW, that was very generous of them and you. :) I just found your blog through Allison and it's great. Thanks for offering up a little candy.

  35. I am sooo sorry about your pictures! I had a friend visit from Australia last summer and I had a bunch of pictures on my digital camera. On the ferry back from Vancouver Island I lost my camera....arrghh! I was devastated (although thankfully my friend had also been taking pictures and was able to send me hers.)
    Thanks for sharing the great blog candy! I'm glad I discovered your blog...thanks Allison!
    Heather L.

  36. So sorry about your lost pictures. I would be so upset. I hope that you are able to find a way to retrieve them.

    I'd love to get in on your draw.

  37. Wow so upsetting to lose pictures Wendy.

    I would love to be in drawing for grommet tool everyone around here is sold out :( Hope I'm the lucky one.

    BTW I recently discovered your blog and have been enjoying it...


  38. Oh no what a nightmare, I managed to do that this week as well, haven't a clue how, but luckily I only lost a few photos of my eldest (9) posing for me as I am doing a chipboard photo frame thingy for my hubby's 40th birthday, how awful

    I am loving the look of the gadget not heard of it before, how wow is that

  39. Hi Wendy,
    Enjoying your blog sorry for your loss of your pictures how awful I know how bummed I get when I take a special picture and it doesn't turn out right can only imagine how you feel.


  40. I am so sorry about your lost pictures. WHat a huge disappointment! BUT I sure do like your good news! I definately want my name in the draw!

  41. That is really a bummer about your pictures. I would be devastated for sure! Your blog is great...I will be back for sure!

  42. Oh my gosh!! That totally sucks about your photos! What a bummer!
    I'm so sorry! You'd better go out and take some more!

    What a cool looking tool! I've never seen one over here in Canada, but I'd LOVE to play with one! Thanks for sharing your good fortune!! *grin*

  43. I think I"m sliding in under the deadline...

    "Best for last" is what I like to say!

  44. Oh my goodness, I hope I'm not too late!! What a neat looking kit, I've never seen it. Thanks for sharing!!

  45. It is Friday in my house but I am on the East coast so maybe I am also in under the wire! LOL
    I LUV gadgets.....you should see my kitchen and my stampin' room is just as bad.
    This grommet set looks fabulous. PICK ME!!! paaaaaaaaaLease.
    I know......it is not lady like to beg, but this little ol' lady would be so so HAPPY! LMBBO.....:)

  46. hope i'm not too late. Really sad for your photos but that grommet tool would be expectional.

  47. HI Wendy,
    good thing you had a backup. I just started with eyelets and I think I'm ready to move up to the big leagues Gromet tools.

    have a great morning.

  48. Sorry about your pictures! =)But oh! A grommet tool! How fun!

  49. I have had that happen to me & it makes you sick! Glad you have some of them saved. Hope I am not too late for your sweet treats!

  50. Oh that's terribel news about your camera - what a heartbreak. Great news abouth the tools though.

  51. Wow! Seriously?! That's awesome!!! Hope I am not too late, even if I am oh well, I am glad I found your site!! I am off to explore!



  52. I'm sooo sorry about your camera. That's soo sad. If you haven't done the drawing yet I'd love to be included.

    Heather Stevens
    Hyde Park, Utah

  53. It's Friday AM. .. Hope I'm not too late! Sorry for the loss of your photos.. . There are retrievers who can sometimes bring them back. . .

    Thanks for sharing the goods!

    Rachele, Goodyear, AZ

  54. Hope Im not to late..I just found your blog and its AMAZING..thanks for the awesome blog candy too.

  55. bummer about your photos :( but what a delight you are offering for blog candy... WOW! how awesome! :D