Sunday, April 20, 2008

idea books for sale...

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I spent a huge chunk of time on Saturday organizing and cleaning my scrapbook room. I am now willing to admit that I'm an idea book addict. Seriously, I have a problem. I buy them. A lot of them. I look through them once or twice. Then I put them on my shelf and never open them again. Sometimes when I have a project in a book and I haven't received my complimentary copy yet, I'll buy it...even though I know I'll be getting one soon. It's a problem. I have shelves full of them. And now, I've decided it's time to part with some of them.

I thought I'd list them on e-bay. Then I decided to give my blog-readers a chance at a really good deal first. So, I'm listing the first bunch here tonight. I'll add a picture of the cover and a bargain price! If you're interested in something, just send me an e-mail and I'll take it off the list - first come, first serve.
If you're local, you can pick them up, or we can meet somewhere to get them to you. If you're not, you can choose how you want me to send them, and then I'll just have you pay the exact shipping cost. After we've finalized a price, I'll have you send the money via PayPal.

Okay, here we go:
Paper Trends Dec/Jan 08: $3
Wedding Creations: $1

You can post here, but please e-mail me as well.
Thanks! :o)


  1. someone is going to get an awesome deal on these! i'd totally do it ... but i'm just as much an addict and have all of those books. lol! i swear i will hunt down and buy every single idea book out there. and they all sit in stacks ... probably not getting looked at as much as they should. lol!

  2. I would like Beautiful Basic's if it's still available.

  3. Ok Show and Tell and the Scrapbookers Almanac also too please and thank you.

  4. I would love Ali's book A Designer's Eve.
    Let me know the details.

  5. I want both of the card creations.
    Quick and Easy...Volume 2

    Check your email

  6. awww you had scrapbooker's almanac. i missed that one :(

  7. I always knew you were creative, but WOW. I have been checking out your archives. I am very impressed...

    This is a blast from your is High School Rebecca. It turns out that Angela's little brother Cory lives near me AND he knows my new brother in law (who is Australian!!!) and so he gave me Angela's blog and I followed it to you!

    Random, eh? I MIGHT have been easier to just call you when I am in town....

    I also have a blog, but I will just e mail you an update. It is SO good to "see" you here.

    More in the email to come...

    P.S. If I had any idea what to do with all those wonderful books, I'd buy them. Sadly, I am not that creative or detail oriented.... but I admire those that are!

  8. hi i'm interested in the paper trends and wedding creations. thanks very much and looking forward to hearing from you.

  9. I would also grab some of these but I am an addict also. I think it os great of you to offer them up to your readers first! One day I should part with some of mine...or at least read again soon.

    Have a good weekend,

  10. Designing With Texture: $2

    I want this :o)

  11. I don't know if you still have wedding trends?! I am totally interested if you do!