Monday, November 01, 2010

slice fabrique (part 3)…

How about some more Slice Fabrique projects today?!? :o)

Even though I worked on lots of cute itty-bitty baby clothing projects, I was also able to create a few home decor projects for the nursery. 

I created this lamp shade using the train shapes.  Did I mention how much I love the designs on these Slice cards made specifically for fabric?


The train cars wrap all the way around the shade (which was a plain white shade from Target – I made a template then covered it with fabric).slice_fabric_lampshade2

I sliced each train car and machine stitched around it BEFORE I ironed it onto the fabric.  I didn’t attach the fabric to the lamp shade until all the pieces were ironed on.  I added the trim to the top and the ribbon to the bottom with my handy dandy glue gun…after the fabric was on (I used spray adhesive to attach the fabric to the shade).


Of course, I had to incorporate buttons, so I used them for little puffs of smoke.slice_fabric_lampshade4

And, after much trial and error, I created a baby mobile:


The little boy’s name (you know, the one who lives in the fake nursery in the booth at the quilt show) is Jake. :)slice_fabric_mobile1

For these mobile pieces, I cut each shape twice – once regular and again mirrored.  I fused them together, then stitched around the edges.  The letters are finished on both sides, so even though they may appear backwards (until they spin around the right way), at least they look finished and cute. :)slice_fabric_mobile2

Yep, every piece has a button.slice_fabric_mobile3

…but only on one side (the correct side of the letters – we don’t need any confused babies out there).


I used nylon thread to hang each piece from the mobile form.slice_fabric_mobile5

I love the clouds…they are actually the bodies from the cute lamb shape.  Remember the onsies?slice_fabric_mobile6

To finish it off, I tied strips of fabric around the outside of the metal form. (this technique might look familiar if you remember my halloween garland from last week)


If the photos look a little wonky, it’s because I hung the mobile from one of the blades on my ceiling fan to take the photos…how else do you hang a mobile if you don’t have a crib to hang it over?!?slice_fabric_mobile_revised2

I have to tell you, even though I was completely out of my comfort zone, completely overwhelmed, and completely stressed about doing a good job, I enjoyed it. I am happy to have learned a new skill and I am looking forward (gasp!) to creating more projects with fabric in the (near) future.

With that said…folding up all of the little clothing pieces, packaging up the other completed projects, folding leftover fabric, carefully arranging everything to be shipped back to Making Memories – and then seeing this on my work table:


…that, ladies and gentlemen, was a very happy moment. :o)



You can find out more about the Slice Fabrique and the available design cards by visiting Making Memories.

Even if you’re not a quilter (or appliqué-er?!?), don’t let that stop you from checking out the designs…they all work great on paper too!  And hey, maybe you’ll want to give this fabric thing a shot – it really was a lot of fun! :o)

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  1. For being out of your comfort zone you blew it out of the park. Awesome. If you think about it your eye for color and design is just the same for fabric as it is for paper. The putting together process is just a little different. Love it! Thanks for being brave and going for it.