Wednesday, October 27, 2010

halloween garland…

Earlier this month, during one of the sessions of General Conference, the boys and I colored these cute little printed wooden pieces Zach picked out at Michael’s.


You’ve seen them, haven’t you?


I’ve bought them before, but I never know what to do with them once they’ve been colored. 


Well, this year I was determined to do something with them…

and this is what I came up with …


I bought some really cute fabric from the quilt shop. 

The line is called Halloween Night, it’s from Moda, and I love it…

I’m going to do something fun with my leftovers…just not sure what yet.


Then I ripped it up and tied it onto a long piece of jute.

When it was finally long enough (this took quite a while), I tied on our little colored decorations.

 wood_shapes6 wood_shapes7 wood_shapes8 wood_shapes9

I think the kids were excited to see all of their artwork combined with something I made…

and they get to see it every day, because it’s hanging right above our tv!

wood_shapes12wood_shapes10 wood_shapes11


  1. this is SOOOOOO cute! i love all the torn fabric pieces. and such a fun idea to include the kids artwork, with your craftiness :)

  2. that is so cute-----i will copy that idea for sure.....soooo cute!!!!!

  3. looks fab, i'm sure your children are very proud of their work x