Saturday, June 12, 2010

happy birthday laura...

Laura Vegas is one of the most talented people I know.  I admired her work long before I ever really knew her.  And after I got to know her, I loved her work even more!  I've also learned that she's one of the most kind, sincere, honest, compassionate, beautiful, and encouraging people I know.  I am so happy I can call her a friend.  Now I just want to be able to convince her (and her family) to move to Utah so I can see her every day instead of just chatting online or on the phone...but until then, I'm glad I can live in her computer! 

Today is her 40th birthday - and I was thrilled to be asked by another of Laura's friends to participate in a 40 person birthday card blog hop in Laura's honor!

Happy Birthday, Laura!


Now you can hop right on over to Kimber McGray's blog to see another birthday card created especially for Laura! :o)

{Laura's friend, Lynn, is the mastermind behind this blog hop.  You can go to her blog if you'd like to join the birthday party at the beginning! - Thanks Lynn!!}


  1. What a tweetiful card you've made! I'm following you know... so don't stop! ;) HB Laura!

  2. What a CUTE card!! LOVE the little birdy!

  3. Fab card, Wendy. Love the color combo. Happy 40th for Laura.

  4. Too cute! I love those bright happy colors ;) Happy b-day to your friend!

  5. Happy colors!!! So cute, and i love that bird too!

  6. awwwww, thanks wendy! you made me blush ... i truely appreciate your sweet comments! now, if only we could talk sarah into putting the state of utah back on the map. i still can't believe she would take off a state that has SO many of my friends living there. lol!