Thursday, June 10, 2010

go phillies...

Tonight we spent a very long (5 hours and 3 games), very COLD, night at the ballpark.061010_softball_collage1

This team was very young (the youngest and least experienced of all the fast-pitch teams in the county league...hmmm, wonder how THAT happened?!?).  I think it's fair to say that they had more than their fair share of challenges this season...but they ended the season like true champs.  Through all of the close calls, BAD calls, losses, injuries, etc. - this young team didn't ever show a single sign of bad sportsmanship.  They were positive and kind.  They worked hard.  I didn't ever see a single girl lose her temper - even when the umps made obviously bad calls.  Not once did I see any of the girls talk back to an ump, a coach, a parent, or anyone else.  I heard a LOT of encouraging words being spoken between the girls.  They learned a lot.  They kept their chins up.  That alone made them champs.  So the fact that they ended up taking 2nd place in the tournament for this season was just icing on the cake!  Yay Phillies!!


  1. Yay for them! My girl plays 10U, on a tournament team, and their 1st tournament, they went 0 for 6. Last weekend they took 3rd place. We landed on a great team, oldest is 19, and when he played sports, I believe he learned the best life lessons in baseball :)

  2. congrats phillies!!! and congrats meagan! what a great thing to be on such a wonderful and respectful team! and what a way to finish off the season!

  3. GO Phillies... I so understand... My oldest son is in the middle of playoffs right now and although his team ended in 1st place right now ITS TIGHT as they lost the last 3 games before the playoffs started.. They needed a win to keep going in the playoff's last game.. needless to say it was pins and needles.. They were losing until the last inning where they scored and won...We play tomorrow.. DO OR DIE..but there is nothing like looking at my baby's face and see how much he loves his baseball (he's 11) and its all worth it!