Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Yesterday afternoon, I received a fun package from Team Mom.  My boys were super excited when we opened it up to find these inside:


Josh wasn't home yet, but the little boys couldn't wait to open up the Sesame Street toy.  knex2

They worked together to open the packages:

  knex4 knex3

and create this fun truck:


They were proud of their creation:knex6

After they made the truck that was intended, they mixed and matched the blocks to create some other fun creations.  I think they spent over an hour playing with the one little set.  I loved seeing them put their creativity and imaginations to work!

After Josh got home, everyone started building with the big set.  Unfortunately, I had to leave, so I didn't get any pictures of their creations, but suffice it to say - they were a big hit!  I think Santa might have to add some k'nex to his goodie bag for the Anderson home!

[Also - if you're interested, K'nex is holding a fun contest.  You can make a video that showcases your child's k'nex building skills and features your chil building with select k'nex products...the ten best videos will be featured on and one winning video will receive $1,000 worth of k'nex toys!  You can read the official rules on their site.  Good luck!]

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