Wednesday, October 14, 2009

color wins, a clean office, and another question...

Wow, thanks for all the responses - apparently those CK editors know their stuff!  Honestly, my favorite is the B&W, but the majority of you preferred the color photos...which is how the layout was published. :)

And speaking of the September issue of Creating Keepsakes...did you happen to get a peek at the creative spaces article???  I was so excited when they asked if they could feature my room in the magazine!  Of course, I know it was all about my ScrapBoxes, but that's okay.  Plus, it was the extra push I needed to finish the curtain I had been procrastinating.  My sweet friend Lori gave me her extra fabric after she made her kitchen curtains (which are WAY cuter than the little valance I sewed) - I love it and think it's the perfect addition to my room. 

I also cleared all the clutter off my little black shelf, finally added photos to the frame that has been sitting here empty for over a year, and cut some vinyl to decorate above my filing cabinets.  What?  You didn't see that?  Oh, that's probably because they stuck a picture of my big head right over the top of it...I promise the room would have been much better to look at.  In fact, here's a picture of what you missed:


I also painted and hung a huge magnet board, added a wreath to my door, and cleaned out my "junk closet..." but those images didn't make the article either.  I don't know what I was thinking, but I didn't take any pictures when everything was all cleaned and organized.  I should have taken some then, because it's never that organized when I'm actually USING my room!  Right now I have tons of stuff hung on my board - but I'll get it cleaned off and share a picture soon (along with my new top-secret hanging-up-big-heavy-pictures-trick) - I just love having a big magnet board in my room!

As you might guess, I had to do a lot (A LOT a lot) of cleaning and organizing to get my room ready for the photographer to come to my humble little abode to take pictures for the article.  I didn't know WHAT he would take pictures of exactly, so I had to clean everything.  everything.  Every drawer, every shelf, every basket, everything.  In doing so, I really purged a lot of stuff.  It's all in boxes in my walk-in closet and in my garage.  I've been debating what to do with it. 

So, last night, as I was doing even more cleaning up and organizing (since those pictures were taken several months ago, and I've accumulated even MORE fun stuff since then), I had a thought.  I was wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing a surprise box packed full of scrapbooking supplies.  Obviously, it's not all the newest product available, but there's some newer stuff, mixed with some older stuff...overall, a LOT of great stuff!  I wish I could keep everything, because I know I would use it eventually, (obviously, it's stuff I like, or I wouldn't have bought it in the first place), but there just isn't room to store everything in our house.  Plus, I have a little obsession with shopping and wanting to buy the newest version of everything scrapbooking...which is fun for me...but kind of just adds to the accumulation, you know?


Anyway, I'll put together some surprise boxes if anyone is interested.  I'll sell them for $20 plus shipping.  I'm planning on using the flat rate Priority Mail boxes which ship for $10.35 in the US.  And of course, if you're local, we'll just arrange a pick-up time. :)  There will be WAY more than $20 worth of product in each box.  WAY WAY more.  If you are interested, please e-mail me - and if you have any special requests, let's chat - I'll do what I can to get you what you want, and relieve my home of a little extra weight. :) 


  1. Your room looks awesome! I know what you mean about taking pictures while it's clean! My husband came into my room last night and just said 'whoa'. :)
    What did you use to cut that vinly bird/branch? Is that a cricut cart?

  2. I loved peeking into your room! The color scheme is very pretty too!

  3. You room looks awesome ... and I bet you've had lots of people email you re the boxes. It'd be like Christmas to get one! LOL I'm just said I live in Australia, coz I'd so be in it too.

  4. I love your office--especially the vinyl bird!!! I have never seen anything like that and it fits so well in that space!

  5. your room looked amazing in the article! i was sad to not see the birdie in the photo on there ... only because i knew that you had just put that up there. lol! that article was a great reason to make yourself purge and clean. maybe we can swap boxes ... i have some here too from my big purge/clean ;)

  6. I don't get CK anymore, but I am swooning over the little peek you just shared! You have a knack and an eye. Love it!

  7. international shipping too??? I assume your surprise boxes only apply to U.S.?? snif snif...:)

  8. Can you give us more information on the vinyl bird and branch? Thanks!

  9. I love the curtains in your room, so glad you could use some of the rediculous amounts of too much fabric I bought! I love the vinyl bird, I bought the same font. I also love the touches of red in the room. Soooo cute!