Wednesday, January 13, 2010

one month at a time...

Anytime I talk to someone about what I "do," they almost always say the same thing: "You must be caught up with your scrapbooks!"  Um, no.  Not even close.  Even though I'm always scrapbooking, I'm nowhere close to being caught up.  A lot of the layouts I complete and send off to various companies and I never see them again.  Sometimes I even scrapbook photos of *gasp* strangers!  So even though it's my job and I do a lot of it, I have tons of pictures that have yet to be printed, much less put on a scrapbook page or added to an album. 

There's no way I can scrapbook every single picture that I've taken.  I don't even know that I want to do that...but I want to have some type of record that's somewhat "up to date."  What if something were to happen to me - I have all of these pictures and I totally preach about the importance of journaling...yet I haven't done it as well as I would like.  So I've set a goal to go through my pictures from last year and choose a few from each month to make a layout.  When all is said and done I'll have a little glimpse into our year - on 12 spreads.  Of course I'll do lots of other layouts too, but this way I can have some type of record for an entire year completed.  That makes me giddy - I'm so excited about it!

And, no, I probably won't be doing last year in about starting with May 2009:



My plan is to use 8-10 photos on each spread.  I'm also planning on using mainly 4" x 6" photos.

I'm hoping to have all 12 spreads for 2009 done early this year so I can start 2010 at the end of January...and then hopefully stay on top of it this year.

Anyone want to join me???



White textured cardstock (my favorite)

Black polkadot paper

Striped paper

Grid paper (I cut the tags from this paper)

Chipboard critter

Thickers (I love the size of these fabric letter stickers)


Scalloped ribbon (I love the striped ribbon that comes on this same ribbon card too)

Gingham ribbons (pink and orange)


Pen (my very favorite pen for hand-written journaling - you can also buy a multi-pack with several different tip sizes)


  1. You have inspired me yet again! I think that the 12 spread is a great idea! I was going to do the same thing but puttered out after I ran out of printer ink ha! It is a no pressure way of getting your year scrapbooked easily. I for one love easy! Thanks Wendy!

  2. I would love to catch up with my photos, too! I keep a list of all the things I want to scrapbook and print pictures en masse whenever I get good offers from online photo printers. I'm still pretty far behind, though!

    I was wondering, what did you mean when you said "A lot of the layouts I complete and send off to various companies and I never see them again." They never return your work? Is that typical in the industry?

  3. love this idea wendy! and your page is so cute too! i started doing this with the daycare kids photos last year ... i made a single page layout for each month. super simple, and lots of photos. it took the pressure off me, to be making extra layouts for them. so that i could focus on scrapping my own family more. but i had planned on doing this same idea for my family photos ... should get to that :)

  4. Such a great idea! Thanks for all your inspiration!

  5. Hi Wendy

    YES !! I want to do this too - don't have photos sorted by month but by "activity / person" but could wing it and do it !! Yes !!

    Thanks !


  6. I'm going to try this method too! Good idea!

  7. First, I think it is odd that the commenter above me is named LeeAnna and I'm Lee Anne.

    Anyway, this is EXACTLY how I do my scrapbooks. I've done this since my son was born so I have 4 so far. I haven't even started on his Turning 5 book yet (which is June '09) so I'm into joining you! I love seeing the month by month!

  8. I'm in!!! Just picked up my photo's from Walgreens and I will be starting in the Morning!! We are having our daughter and son's birthday party on January 30th and I always like to have their albums out so people can see what they have done over the year!! This is such an awesome way to finish in a hurry!! Thanks so much for the inspiration, I love what you do!!!