Tuesday, December 02, 2008

december 2...

Seth celebrated his birthday at Preschool today (one day before his actual birthday). He was so excited to take a treat to share with his little classmates. When he climbed into the van after preschool, he couldn't wait to tell me there was a present in his backpack from Mrs. Duke. He had it opened before we even got to the corner -- he couldn't have been more excited about the gift from his sweet teacher.



And Zach had to get in on the photo-taking action as well...with his new Wall-E toy.


And for my December Daily...here's our tree this year...in all of it's simpleness.


I need to get some more red balls (I forgot I threw a bunch of them away last January when we took the tree down), and I'd like to find a snowflake die so I could make some cream wool felt snowflakes to hang on the tree. And I could use some more ribbon too...we'll see. Our fun little singing puppy has been a constant for so many years, I can't imaging a Christmas tree without him sitting underneath it!

ooh, I have to add the photos Brandy from Paper Crafts Magazine sent today. The magazine sponsors a tree every year at the Festival of Trees (a fundraiser for Primary Children's Hospital). This year, they gave us the opportunity to donate handmade items to add to the tree - the only requirement was to use red, green, and brown on our projects so they would all coordinate. Here's a quick picture of the items I sent for them to add to the tree:


A mini book I actually started several years ago (and finished to send along for the tree), a set of holiday cards, and three star ornaments.


Brandy sent these pictures to me today:

tree lotsoffreestuff

grouptree chairandtable

It looks fabulous, doesn't it? I am in love with the quilt...seriously, I'm going to learn to quilt someday. I love all of the cute doodlebug houses on the tree too. I think Paper Crafts is amazing to donate each year to such an amazing cause - and I'm so grateful that they gave me the opportunity to contribute in my own small way as well. Now I want to figure out a time when I can go to the festival and check out the tree in person!!! :o)


  1. Your tree is just beautiful, and simple is always the best way to go. :)

    How cool that you helped with the paper crafts tree! I love how it turned out, and look at all the loot under the tree. WOW! Some lucky bidder is going to be thrilled.

    Cute Seth.... what a fun present from his teacher.

  2. Love your tree and I love driving by and being able to see a glimpse of it in the window!

    Hope Seth has a great day! He is so cute!