Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a winner, some answers, and wednesday morning entertainment...

First thing's first...the winner of my drawing for a goodie box:

And, Mary, I believe I have your address, so you can be watching for a goodie box soon. I hope you all received your surprise boxes from O'Scrap...and I hope you're loving them!
Next, Mrs. Swiz asked a few questions on my last post about the Scrap Boxes...but I don't have an e-mail address to get back to her, so I'm answering her questions here.

1. The table top measures 34" wide x 23" deep...not a huge work space, but definitely doable...especially when you don't have to spread product out in front of you, because it's all nicely organized all around you. I've actually removed the tables from my two scrapboxes because I have a large table to work on...and I like being able to see ALL of my product at once (when the table is not set up the bottom compartments are hidden behind it).

2. The doors have wheels on them to make them easier to open and close. The base also has wheels. My office is carpeted, so I do not move the entire ScrapBox at all. However, when we did the spot on GTU, we were on hardwood floors. The Scrapbox was not entirely stocked, but it wasn't empty...and it moved very easily on and off the floor of the set.

3. I believe you'd have to order your ScrapBox directly from the company to get the "Wendy Special," but definitely give them a call to find out.

I hope that answers your questions adequately...If you decide to go ahead and purchase one, I promise you'll love it!

And our Wednesday morning entertainment consists of this:

The boys love to watch for the garbage truck to come down the street - there is something absolutely fascinating about the claw that reaches out and grabs the trash cans, lifts it up, then empties into the huge container on the back of the truck. Even when it's freezing cold outside and you are in your pj's (even inside/out pj's), the best view is from the front porch - definitely! And of course, we absolutely have the cutest garbage truck driver EVER...and he always smiles and waves. ;)
The weather is cool (54 degrees right now) and rainy this morning - I LOVE it. It makes my heart happy, in spite of other difficulties we're facing right now. I love the change of seasons and Autumn is definitely preparing to make her grand entrance...


  1. congrats mary! and the boys watching the garbage man is classic ... i think all kids just love to watch them! lol! the little ones hear can hear them coming down the street ... and i'm on a corner, and for some reason they end up driving by about 6 times on garbage day. lol!

  2. LOL at your boy's entertainment. we went through that phase too.