Thursday, September 11, 2008

since it's cooler today...

I'm really getting in the mood for fall...and along with that comes thoughts of the holidays - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. I'm starting to feel those first pangs of excitement and anticipation. Along with yesterday's cool weather, this magazine issue is helping to foster the holiday mood:

I believe you can find it on newsstands right now...and contrary to what the cover might lead you to believe, you'll find ideas for Halloween and Thanksgiving inside too - not just Christmas.

I was asked to create a few projects for this issue. One project included a variety of Halloween Party/Classroom favors. I was specifically asked NOT to use food or candy in my projects -- here's what I created:

I've enjoyed this magazine over the past year, and I'm sad to know that this is the final issue. Stephanie is very talented and I'm glad we'll be able to continue seeing her fabulous work in other places too.


  1. i've never seen this magazine ... or maybe i just wasn't looking. will have to keep my eye out. love your projects! i really like the crayon box and the post-it note cover ... so cute!

  2. That crayon box is the cutest thing around. Thanks for sharing a peek at your fun projects!

  3. Those are so cute, you do such good work! I haven't ever seen that magazine either, is it the same as the hospitality one?

  4. You are so stinkin' creative, my friend! I'm thinking I'll have to steal the bubbles idea for my son's class this year. :)