Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I always get this way after a huge deadline...ready to get rid of stuff and organize what I have.  One of the projects I've been wanting to work on was organizing the cards I've made.  About a month ago, I went through all of them and gave a bunch to my mom.  I still had a basket-full, though, and wanted to figure out an easy way to organize them.  After doing a little shopping, and finding nothing, I decided to use the basket I've been using for years and just take it up a notch.


I embellished the outside with a simple ribbon and made divider cards for the inside, to sort the types of cards.  My basket was featured on the Making Memories blog last can see more pictures and read more about it here.

Now I'm working on several other organizing projects...which means I'll have more books for sale soon.  And it probably means there's a giveaway in the works as well...stay tuned!! :o)

Are you in the purging/cleaning/organizing mode too?  Is there anything you're curious far as how I organize?  Do you have ideas to share with me?  I'd love to share more of my organizing projects and ideas - let me know if there's anything you want to see. :o)


  1. Organize mode??? Girl, you're speakin' my language...LOL! I LOVE to organize, sort, is my therapy. I would love to see how you store your stamps, ink pads, paper, scraps and other words...EVERYTHING! LOL! If you posted any of this in the past, I apologize. I just recently discovered your blog, but I have become a faithful daily reader! Thanks for sharing! Lisa H.

  2. I agree with Lisa, I'm curious what you do with your paper scraps and other small miscellaneous items (stickers, lettering, etc). I know where all my things are but I don't feel like its appealing to the eye. I also tend to forget about things that are out of sight (out of sight, out of mind). Thanks in advance for your creative ideas!

  3. love the card storage! and great idea to give some of the older ones away ... something i should do. or maybe even MAIL a few to people. lol!

    would love to see more of your storage ideas for embellishments. in packaging, out of packaging, by manufacturer, by color, etc!

  4. I'd love to know how you store chipboard. It's on my mind these days becuase it's everywhere in my studio and I just don't have a good system! URGH!

  5. January always seems to be a month-long organizing spree! The worst part--it's not planned!! Love your card keeper. I'm curious how you store paper scraps, & stamps.

  6. i so am in love with that basket! i have a corner in my bedroom to "store" my scrappiness. i'm also interested in cb storage and stamps. i have a 5 shelve unit. so space is limited.
    thnx for sharing

  7. oops, i forgot to leave my name,

    lynda in calif

  8. Purging? Organizing? Last SU! bag given me resulting from one of these event became 22 cards for soldiers. Now, I'm creating Valentine greetings on the same premise as the soldier cards donating to Cards4Kids. I'd be most happy to have your bits bag for this volunteer effort described at tho I'm 800 miles away happily crafting.