Tuesday, February 26, 2008

trains and ear infections...

Lately, he's rediscovered his Thomas Trains. Not that they were forgotten for very long, but it's been a few weeks since he's had them all out. And technically, I guess they aren't all really his trains - most of them were Josh's trains, but Josh has kind of grown out of the Thomas phase so Seth has happily (yet unofficially) inherited them...

So, in honor of his obsession, I decided to do a little bit of train playing myself. Only mine was in the form of fabric. I bought fabric to make Seth a little quilt way back in 2005 (I only remembered because the tag was still in the bag). I was going to make it for his birthday. Then I found out that his Grandma had already made him a Thomas quilt - so I put the fabric away and pretty much forgot about it. Saturday morning, I took it out and decided to make a little valance for his bedroom. I've never made one before, so I just kind of winged it (not that it was super difficult, but I'm not much of a seamstress...).
When I told Seth to come in his room so he could see it, his eyes totally lit up and he said, "Mom, that is soooooo awesome!" So I guess I did okay.

The black piece along the bottom looks pretty strange...because the sun is shining outside today (hallelujah)...so please ignore that and imagine it as a black strip - the same color as the tabs at the top.

In other news...I took this little guy to the pediatrician today.

He has two ear infections and the dr. thought he might have pneumonia...but the breathing treatment helped clear his lungs, so it's probably not pneumonia. Either way, he is miserable, poor little guy. So it looks like we'll be best friends with antibiotics and the nebulizer for the next few days. We also get to visit the doctor first thing tomorrow morning to make sure his oxygen levels aren't any lower (they were at 88 today)...


  1. So somebody I just made a font for that I can't remember right now told me where you live....I bet you get good use out of that train burger place! My husband works there twice a week as a PA with Dr. Olsen. Whaddayaknow? Cool.

  2. Oh yes, AND your Thomas curtain is way cute. I like the black :)

  3. Wendy the curtains look great and I love your layout in the previous post. Sorry to hear that you have been sick at your house again. Get well ya'll.

  4. Poor little guy! He looks just miserable. Hope he feels better asap.

    Good job on the curtains. Love the style. :)

  5. great job on the valence! i usually ask my mom for that kind of thing ... but last time i asked for a valence she made me help and thought i'd learn from it. lol!

    poor little one! good to hear the oxygen treatment helped some. my oldest has had to do that a few times from her levels being to low with her asthma/allergies. hope he's doing better!

  6. You always have something going! You are way too creative and can do way too many things! I want to be just like you!

    As for your kids, I'm sorry to hear they are sick. Please let me know what I can do to help you out! If you need a drink from sonic, and a slush for the little one, CALL ME, I'm always up for a good drink!

  7. Poor thing!! We've all been pretty unhealthy around here too! It's just no fun!! I say, Bring on Spring! CUTE valance, btw! :o)