Monday, February 25, 2008

round two begins...

After about 4 days of relatively good health, the sickies have returned to our home for round two. Zach got hit pretty hard Friday and he's still sick. Meagan got sick yesterday afternoon and she isn't feeling very hot right now either. I'm hoping these two kiddos get better soon and I'm also hoping nobody else gets seconds.

Our weekend plans fell through since we were taking care of sick kids. We were planning on attending a temple sealing for Brad's neice and her husband. I sure wish we could have been there. I'm so proud of Kristen and Niua and their five sweet little ones!

Brad's mom is still here too. Since it was storming all morning she decided to wait until tomorrow to drive back to St. George. It was nice having her here today - while I held Zachary all day, she read to Seth and played with him. She even did Josh's homework with him tonight - and that's usually a big argument, so it was awesome to have him sit down with her (without even yelling or complaining) and get it done early. Oh, and did I mention she came bearing homemade bread and jam? Too bad she's leaving tomorrow!

How about a layout?
This is a Crate Paper project from CHA.

That's all for today - hopefully tomorrow everyone will be healthy...

and I'll have something fun to share. :o)


  1. Wanted to add you to my blog reader but it says you have your feed turned off. Did you know that?

  2. I'm sorry you guys are sick! There seems to be lots of bad stuff going around. Hope you all are on the mend soon!!

  3. Hopefully the spring weather will clean out the germs that seem to be everywhere!

    How nice to have your MIL there - great timing!

    Love the LO. Loverly colors... :)

  4. so sorry your kids are still sick. that stinks when it keeps coming back.

    love the layout! the colors are so fun! although i would be mad as heck if i ever found my kids like that. lol! i'd definately take the camera out and scrap it ... but i'd still be mad! lol!

  5. your LO is gorgeous!
    sending healthy (((((vibes)))) your way :)