Wednesday, February 27, 2008

pneumonia times two…

So I took Zach in this morning to get his oxygen levels checked. He did okay – his levels were up a bit and he wasn’t running a fever at all. Ah, I love antibiotics and ibuprofen!!

However, the nurse heard Seth cough and asked if she could check his levels. I knew he wasn’t feeling well because he was up a lot in the night crying – I stupidly made the assumption that he had one of his headaches (another story altogether). Anyway, it turns out that Seth also has an infection in both ears, a high temp., and yes, you guessed it – pneumonia. Oh, fun times. I’m sure you can imagine how much fun I had today…

Hopefully by tomorrow morning Seth’s antibiotics will have helped as much as Zach’s did in the first 24 hours. I’m crossing my fingers….because I hate hate hate to see my kids sick AND because I simply don’t know if I can handle one more day of sickness in this house…I think two weeks of somebody being sick almost every single day is enough, don’t you?!? But mostly because of the hating to see my kids sick part… (and we don’t even allow anyone to say the word HATE in our house!!)

...and because you know how I feel about a photo-less post,
here's a little box I made for CHA using Crate products:
P.S. Thanks again, Mom, for going to Meagan's program at school today and video taping it so I could watch it. We watched it tonight - you did a great job. Thanks a bunch - love you! :o)


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that Seth is sick too. You guys are having a rough week. What a blessing though, to be able to give him an antibiotic, and know that it will make a world of difference.

    Cute, cute box! You're awesome.

  2. so sorry to hear you have another sick one! your poor boys ... being sick is never fun. hope his medicine kicks in and does it's job! always stinks when you can't get rid of the sickies.

  3. Oh my gosh! I can't believe how much sickness you have had. HUGS! and btw cute box. You never dissappoint.

  4. oh no! Hope they get better quick!

    the box is darling!