Friday, July 06, 2007

go away flu...

...that's what we're chanting here in our house. It seems that each person who gets sick is worse and sick for longer than the person before. This is so not fun. Brad woke up in the early hours on Thursday morning ill - I guess it was his turn, everyone else has already had it. Meagan and Josh were both feeling much better by Thursday evening, and even ate some chicken noodle soup. I've washed all the bedding, disinfected the bathrooms (again) and doorknobs, and cleaned the carpets. I need to go out and buy new toothbrushes tomorrow (technically, I suppose I mean later today - since it's almost 2:00 am on Friday) - and hopefully this bug will be gone once and for all. We've all been sick enough to last us for a long, long time.

In other news, I saw a little sneak peek of a fun book I was able to contribute to. There were even a couple of little sneak-peeks of two of my projects. It looks like the book is still on pre-order...but the CK website says it's available July 2007. I am excited to see it in real life! I had so much fun working on the projects I submitted - I'll share more when the book is available.

Okay, Brad just left to go to work -- some crazy State job almost all the way to Evanston -- and I need to get a few projects finished up. Hopefully his stomach will stay calm and "collected" (ha!) since he absolutely had no choice about whether or not to go to work this morning. And I'm hoping after taking this short little blogging break, I'll be able to conjure up some creativity so I can finish some assignments and catch a little bit of sleep before the sun rises...or the kids...whichever happens first!


  1. hope you guys are better soon!

  2. i saw those sneek peeks for the new book last week ... looks like some fun stuff. would love some ideas for my girls since they're always poking around in my stuff! lol!

    hope you're all feeling better for the weekend!