Tuesday, July 10, 2007

tuesday, july 10th -- a real tuesday 10...

1. We're all healthy, finally. (knock on wood)
2. My little (25 year old) brother isn't so lucky -- he has CHICKEN POX! Can you believe that? He's pretty miserable...we're hoping he's able to get some rest tonight and some relief from the itching and pain.
3. We had a "faux 4th" on Saturday. Since we were sick and missed the real holiday, we went over to my parent's house on Saturday and finished off their fireworks. Seth loved them this year (last year he cried through them)...but Zach took over for Seth and didn't want to be anywhere near them. I remembered my camera, but didn't remember my tripod. The pictures aren't great - but I am still glad to have them.

4. Today was a good mail day -- two magazines came and the two idea books I bought from Laura arrived. I'm saving them for tomorrow...too much to do today AND it gives me something fun to look forward to! (By the way, it looks like she has a few idea books/magazines still available if you're interested...she'll give you a good deal! I think I might follow her lead and list a few of my loved idea books for sale on my blog...that, or e-bay, but the blog route seems a little bit easier. We'll see...)
5. Josh vacuumed out the van today -- and it wasn't even one of his two chores for the day. (The two chores he picked today were (1) sweep the kitchen and (2) mop the kitchen -- he did a great job with these as well!)
6. Meagan is ready for a new set of piano lesson books so we visited the local music store and purchased four new books and a metrinome -- quite a chunk of change, but it's so wonderful to hear how much she's learning. I wish I wouldn't have quit piano lessons before I learned enough to play well. Josh will be starting piano lessons in a couple of months too -- gotta love a guy who plays the piano!! :o)
7. I had some fun tonight creating some cards to submit to PaperCrafts. It seems that often I'm creating projects "on assignment" where I'm limited to certain products, colors, themes, etc. None of that tonight -- and I have to say that it was so relaxing and enjoyable. I didn't want to stop...
8. I also finished up a MM assignment -- again, it felt so good to CREATE!
9. Seth is finally showing a bit of interest in potty training. Okay, he's not. But Brad and I are determined that he is going to start showing some interest. now. Today he used the potty once. Unfortunately, he also used the back deck once and the kitchen floor once. Luckily, each of the aforementioned "uses" only consisted of #1! ;) He'll get it...hopefully soon. Plus, when he gets it all figured out, he gets to buy several Bob the Builder items he picked out on Amazon. No, I'm not above bribery!
10. It's after 2:00 am...and I am thinking I'd rather pull out some more scrapbook stuff and be creative than go to bed. Is that wrong???


  1. ahhh, the piano ... something i really wish i had kept up on too. i've been wanting to try it again ... not sure if it would all come back to me. lol!

    and the potty thing ... that's funny! i have a little daycare boy that's getting ready to potty-train ... i'm not looking forward to it to be honest. lol!

  2. You must be a night owl like me! Sometimes I just want to keep creating but I usually regret it in the morning :(