Wednesday, November 29, 2006

cards from scraps...

Last week I made some Christmas cards using only white cardstock and left-overs from some layouts I created for a product showcase at Gone Scrappin'. For some reason the link on the GS site isn't working for my cards, so I thought I'd share them here.

These are super-simple and they were so quick -- no measuring or worrying about making everything even and perfect. I LOVE sitting down immediately after creating a page or project and using up my scraps to make cards or tags!

layouts in ck...

I got my January 2007 CK yesterday (and enjoyed it while I was sitting in the dentist chair...but that's another story) I thought I'd share a couple of layouts I had in it.

So busy around much going on...sick Josh...busy baby...birthday #3 coming for to do...decorating goes on...busy, busy, busy...but fun!!! Hope you're all having a good day!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

how we spent Thanksgiving eve...

...making these: My mom asked Meagan to make place cards for Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow. Of course, Meagan was excited to do it (I think she's done it for 3 or 4 (?) years now). I found this kit online a few days ago. So, we invested in this scalloped circle punch, got creative with a big mitten punch, a square punch, and a carrot punch and created our little turkeys! I did most of the punching and Meagan (along with a little help from Josh) assembled the turkeys and attached them to the white cards. I think they turned out cute, and the kids had a lot of fun putting them together. :)

an even BETTER discount...

Hi all, I've been getting lots of e-mails and questions about the Scrap Box since I posted it on Two Peas last weekend. Originally, the discount was $50 (I thought) for anyone who mentioned they saw the Scrap Box here on my blog. Well, I just spoke to them and (as many of you who have ordered today already know) they have
increased the discount to $100!!!
{All you have to do is mention my name and you automatically get the discount}

That's double what I thought it was! Enjoy your discount -- and please, let me know if you decide to order one so we can share organizing ideas!!! :o) Happy Turkey-Day EVE!


...I've been finishing up some big projects, and I'm almost done!! I'm so excited to have the next five days off with no "work" to keep me occupied - just five fun days with the family! :o) I'm also excited that Gone Scrappin' will have some fun new projects up on their site soon. Here's a sneak-peek of one of my layouts. :o)

and now I'm off to make a yummy chocolate chip cookie pie!!! mmmmm....

Sunday, November 19, 2006

okay, so NOW, it's looking a little bit like...

Christmas! We went shopping today (not for these holiday-related items)
and came home with a load of stuff to deck the house!

We've never put lights on our house before (the old house was just too tall and the roof was scary we didn't ever think about it BEFORE there was snow everywhere), so it was really fun to buy lights for the new house. I wanted to get clear/white, but I was out-voted and we got the multi-colored lights. Fun for the kids. :o) Brad decided to splurge and buy some of these fun yard/blow-up/light-up things. (If you know Brad, you'll know how shocked I was when he actually suggested we buy these!) Anyway, as soon as we got home, Brad climbed up on the roof and started putting everything together. It looks great...and in only a few more days we'll be turning them on "for real" (gotta wait until Thanksgiving is over).
P.S. Don't let the shorts fool you -- it has been unseasonably warm...but not that warm...he's just silly!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

it's beginning to look a lot like...


The kids and I got out all of the Fall/Thanksgiving decorations last week and I decided today that I wanted to take some pictures of what our home looks like all decked out for Turkey Day.

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organizing my scrapbox...

I said I would share a little more about my here are a few pictures and ideas (which, for the most part, could easily be implemented ScrapBox needed).

First, a quick picture of my Box -- opened up with the table down

--and opened up with the table up. The legs just fold down like a card table - quick and easy. I don't use this as my main scrapping table (though you defninitely could), but I like having a second table to spread things out on while I'm working.

The very outside fold-out of each door is covered in fabric and all of the little zip-up packet/envelope thingies have velcro on the back. I decided to use the packets on the right side of my cabinet to hold product. When I get NEW product, or have a certain item I want to use, I will put it in these clear packets so I don't forget about it. (All of the packets and baskets/bins come WITH the ScrapBox).

These file boxes come with lids to protect whatever is inside...but I opted to use mine for patterned paper and letter stickers. I have an addiction {love} for letter stickers and have tons of them. I am loving having them all together and visible here.

This is my favorite tip: A basket for each family member. This is where I'll place items that will be added to future scrapbook pages -- things like favorite art projects, cards, report cards, etc. until they find a home in the scrapbook, they will live in these baskets. The kids love looking at the little tags I made (using the Making Memories tag Maker...another FAVORITE thing)...and they've pulled out their baskets just to look at the contents several times already.

I have some more ideas to share...I'll do that later. :o)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

better late than never... least that's what I've been told.

So, even though Halloween has been over for over a week, I just thought I'd share a quick cute picture of the kids in this year's Halloween costumes. :o)

Allow me to introduce my cute (but completely uncooperative) costumed crew:

Meagan, the pink-haired witch (who was most definitely sporting her little witch attitude)
Zachary, the cute little puppy (at least we think it's a puppy...whatever it was, it kept him warm - the tail in the back is the CUTEST)
Seth, aka Thomas the Tank engine (for the entire five minutes that he actually wore his costume)
and Joshua, our cute little 2nd year Skeleton (and the most cooperative kid in our crew)

And now...I'm ready to pull out my Thanksgiving decorations (while I listen to Christmas music, of course -- and like I tried to explain to my Grandma when she didn't seem pleased that I was already listening to my Holiday tunes --- there just isn't any THANKSGIVING music to listen to. It's not that I'm trying to skip over the Thanksgiving season, it's just that I want to listen to music that makes me happy...and that just happens to be Christmas music. I'm not trying to bypass the November Holiday!! I love Thanksgiving too. :o)

Monday, November 06, 2006

guess who was on tv today...

ME! I got to be on one of my favorite TV shows, Good Things Utah today with Glenn, the mastermind behind the Scrap Box!!! What a neat experience to be able to have - I loved seeing "behind the scenes" of a show I watch almost daily -- and then getting to chat with the ladies that host the show. They were so kind and genuine...loved the whole experience! Unfortunately, I had so many more ideas I wanted to share, but those five minutes just flew maybe next time (if there is a next time) I can share more fun ideas. :o) I need to finish up some work today, but I'll share more pictures of my ideas for my ScrapBox on my blog. REMEMBER, if you want to buy one of these (and you know you do, because they are awesome) - when you call to place your order, just mention my name and they'll give you a discount...and who doesn't love a discount?!?

I just checked the GTU website and found that they have the video of our segment available for if you missed it, and you are interested....dlick HERE! :)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

how I spent my saturday...

...taking all (well, some) of THIS:

...putting it into THIS:

...and now it looks like THIS:

I am SO loving this cabinet!

ANd I did it all while listening to CHRISTMAS MUSIC! (Yay!!)

I'm getting ready for a little presentation on Monday,
but I'll share more pictures and some fun details later. ;o)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

something else that makes me happy...

I love these fun and colorful ribbons, so I was excited to do the challenge for this week on the Making Memories Blog. You can see more images and read about it HERE. This was a fun project and it really does make me happy!