Saturday, November 04, 2006

how I spent my saturday...

...taking all (well, some) of THIS:

...putting it into THIS:

...and now it looks like THIS:

I am SO loving this cabinet!

ANd I did it all while listening to CHRISTMAS MUSIC! (Yay!!)

I'm getting ready for a little presentation on Monday,
but I'll share more pictures and some fun details later. ;o)


  1. Wendy!!!!!! WOWZERS!!!!!!!!!!!
    That looks fabulous! I spent Saturday organizing my scrapbook room as well, but it's still in process. Looks great!!!!!

  2. woooooowwwww, wendy...that is cool!!!

  3. Hey Wendy,
    We used to chat when you hung out with the Squirrely Girls at 2 Peas. I have loved seeing your work in the magazines and seeing how big your kids are getting. I just found your blog from Making Memories Blog and dropped by to check it out. Wow! Four kids now. They are so cute. And it was fun to realize that we had babies at the same time in January. My youngest son, Soren, was born on the 6th of Jan.
    Love your work and it's fun to catch up with your family.
    Kassie Welch