Sunday, November 19, 2006

okay, so NOW, it's looking a little bit like...

Christmas! We went shopping today (not for these holiday-related items)
and came home with a load of stuff to deck the house!

We've never put lights on our house before (the old house was just too tall and the roof was scary we didn't ever think about it BEFORE there was snow everywhere), so it was really fun to buy lights for the new house. I wanted to get clear/white, but I was out-voted and we got the multi-colored lights. Fun for the kids. :o) Brad decided to splurge and buy some of these fun yard/blow-up/light-up things. (If you know Brad, you'll know how shocked I was when he actually suggested we buy these!) Anyway, as soon as we got home, Brad climbed up on the roof and started putting everything together. It looks great...and in only a few more days we'll be turning them on "for real" (gotta wait until Thanksgiving is over).
P.S. Don't let the shorts fool you -- it has been unseasonably warm...but not that warm...he's just silly!!

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  1. You aren't early.......there is a family here in our small town who has their Christmas tree in the house on everynite for the past 3 days.
    We usually wait until the 1st of December up here (since our Thanksgiving is in October)!