Thursday, November 16, 2006

organizing my scrapbox...

I said I would share a little more about my here are a few pictures and ideas (which, for the most part, could easily be implemented ScrapBox needed).

First, a quick picture of my Box -- opened up with the table down

--and opened up with the table up. The legs just fold down like a card table - quick and easy. I don't use this as my main scrapping table (though you defninitely could), but I like having a second table to spread things out on while I'm working.

The very outside fold-out of each door is covered in fabric and all of the little zip-up packet/envelope thingies have velcro on the back. I decided to use the packets on the right side of my cabinet to hold product. When I get NEW product, or have a certain item I want to use, I will put it in these clear packets so I don't forget about it. (All of the packets and baskets/bins come WITH the ScrapBox).

These file boxes come with lids to protect whatever is inside...but I opted to use mine for patterned paper and letter stickers. I have an addiction {love} for letter stickers and have tons of them. I am loving having them all together and visible here.

This is my favorite tip: A basket for each family member. This is where I'll place items that will be added to future scrapbook pages -- things like favorite art projects, cards, report cards, etc. until they find a home in the scrapbook, they will live in these baskets. The kids love looking at the little tags I made (using the Making Memories tag Maker...another FAVORITE thing)...and they've pulled out their baskets just to look at the contents several times already.

I have some more ideas to share...I'll do that later. :o)


  1. Love this scrapbox ....I need one! I saw this on 2peas site and had to investigate more! I scrap in my bedroom and have little room to improve on my space. This could be my future extra space I need. What is the size to this? I couldn't find them on the scrapbox site. I am not sure I would have room when it's opened??? I love what you did with it. You were cool on the utah program too. I viewed that as well. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wendy,
    I have been meaning to tell you how much I LOVE this space! I loved your "drawers for each family member" idea so much, I created my own version for my scrapbook room in progress! Thanks for your inspiration AND fun blog!