Thursday, November 09, 2006

better late than never... least that's what I've been told.

So, even though Halloween has been over for over a week, I just thought I'd share a quick cute picture of the kids in this year's Halloween costumes. :o)

Allow me to introduce my cute (but completely uncooperative) costumed crew:

Meagan, the pink-haired witch (who was most definitely sporting her little witch attitude)
Zachary, the cute little puppy (at least we think it's a puppy...whatever it was, it kept him warm - the tail in the back is the CUTEST)
Seth, aka Thomas the Tank engine (for the entire five minutes that he actually wore his costume)
and Joshua, our cute little 2nd year Skeleton (and the most cooperative kid in our crew)

And now...I'm ready to pull out my Thanksgiving decorations (while I listen to Christmas music, of course -- and like I tried to explain to my Grandma when she didn't seem pleased that I was already listening to my Holiday tunes --- there just isn't any THANKSGIVING music to listen to. It's not that I'm trying to skip over the Thanksgiving season, it's just that I want to listen to music that makes me happy...and that just happens to be Christmas music. I'm not trying to bypass the November Holiday!! I love Thanksgiving too. :o)

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