Thursday, August 24, 2006

Making Memories blog challenge...

Have you seen it today? If you haven't seen it yet, click HERE!
I am so excited that I got to do the challenge on the Making Memories blog this week.
I'm loving the new slot punching tool...

...there are just so many ways to use it!

Check it out, then show me how you used the tool by uploading a layout here!


  1. You know...I've heard of this tool. I've looked for it. But I have not yet found it! Love the layout, btw. I, too, have a drama queen. They're exhausting but also fun.

  2. such a fun layout!
    I think I will be purchasing this handy dandy tool!

  3. Such a cute layout Wendy! I saw this tool at my LSS today - looks interesting! So fun that you got to play with it! :)

  4. i love this tool too! it's great!
    i love all the ways you used it on your layout - super cute!

  5. Okay, you've sold me on this tool!!!! Now, I've just got to find it! :)

  6. Very cute layout Wendy. I love these challenges!