Monday, August 21, 2006

a day of firsts...

*first day of school
*first time Josh woke up BEFORE the alarm went off, ever (okay, except for maybe Christmas Day)
*first time riding a bus to school
*first day of "all day" school for Josh
*first time I didn't drive to the school and walk the kids to their classes on the first day
*first day Meagan was more excited than nervous (she's always excited, but usually VERY nervous too) - no tummy aches this morning, hooray!
*first time I found myself missing them a lot (which I didn't think I would do already), by 10:00 this morning...only an hour after school started I was watching the clock, sheesh!
*first time I'm looking forward to seeing the bus coming down our street so I can take pictures of them getting off of it!

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