Wednesday, August 16, 2006

going in circles...

It seems that for the last several days I've been in a whirlwind of sorts. I've been busy constantly, running errands, getting the kids ready for school (which starts next week), working on several projects (some that have proven to be more challenging and time-consuming than I expected when I accepted the assignments - but fun, nonetheless), trying to paint our new house, buying things for the new house, changing addresses everywhere, and still trying to just be a mom, etc. etc. etc. And yet, there is so much left to do...and when I look behind me, it seems that I haven't done enough. It seems like I'm running at full speed, but I must be going in circles because I'm really not going anywhere! ugh!

And so, in honor of my circular feelings, a layout:
So here's hoping for finish lines more circles...I've gotta get something FINISHED!!

{temporarily removed layout...coming soon to an idea book near you! :) }


  1. Ugh - good luck! I can relate to that feeling, and wish you luck with getting stuff done.

  2. DARLING layout!! And I hear ya...I barely get a moment to breathe somedays!! *sigh* Hope you're getting lots done today!! And Happy Birthday, btw!! Hope it's a great one! ;o)

  3. totally know how you feel about running in circles. there is never enough time in the day to get it all have a lot going on! be sure to take some time for yourself!