Friday, October 29, 2010

new arrival…

…that’s the name of the two sweet new baby lines by Pebbles Inc.   There’s a girl line and a boy line – and my first “new arrival” assignment was to use the boy line!  Obviously, I have tons of baby boy photos – but I decided to go a different direction with my layout.  You see…as soon as I set eyes on this super cute whale (see him down there in the bottom left of the card page?), I was reminded of a little story I wanted to record…and this cute blue whale, along with some of his buddies on the matching patterned paper were going to help me do it.


Here’s the layout I created (you can click on it to make it larger if you’d like) …pebbles_newarrivalboy_wendysue_layout

If you happened to read my post from yesterday, you already know that I described Seth as being “cautious.”  Well, that was maybe a tad-bit of an understatement.  He gets very scared very easily and definitely does not like to step out of his comfort zone.  So, when we decided to go to Disneyland last year (his first time), I knew there would be several rides he would not be willing to go on.  We wouldn’t be going anywhere near dark rides, tunnels, high rides, fast rides, etc.  However, some of the rides he didn’t want anything to do with were a bit surprising.  Storybook Land, for instance, is a nice little (gentle & slow) boat ride narrated by a fun storyteller…and something anyone, any age, can enjoy. Well, when Seth saw that we were going to be "swallowed by a whale" while on our little boat ride through Storybook Land, he was less than calm.  He quickly sunk down in his seat with a panic-stricken look on his face and covered his ears (which is something he always does when he’s scared).    Luckily, (for everyone) he didn't see it coming until we were almost there, and then it was over fairly quickly.  Once he realized that as soon as we entered the whale’s mouth, it would only take a few seconds until we exited through his (missing) tail (which would result in no tunnel and, therefore, no darkness ) he calmed down and we enjoyed the rest of our ride.  As you can see from the photo on the layout, he was perfectly fine – this photo of him was taken after the “whale incident.”  No lasting damage. :)

…here’s a little close-up of my journaling – a (very) condensed version of the above paragraph.  pebbles_newarrivalboy_wendysue_layout_detail1

It’s hard to tell from the photos, but the whales on the paper strips are actually embossed, as are the white dots on the polka-dot paper – super fun!  And those felt stars are my favorite embellishment, I love the layers!  The rub-ons are on strips that are only about 4 or 5 inches wide, but it worked perfectly to place them on the left side, and then add just a few on the right side (nobody can tell that they don’t go all the way across the spread…well, except now you know.)


I really love finding new uses for “themed” lines, and this layout definitely falls in that category.pebbles_newarrivalboy_wendysue_layout_detail3

I’m so glad I have recorded this funny little side-note and now I can add it to our Disneyland Album.  :o)

Be sure to check out the Pebbles Inc. Blog where the New Arrival Boy line has been featured all week long – there are some amazing projects and lots of fun ideas you’ll want to see!

ETA:  How would you like to win the New Arrival Boy collection? One lucky winner will be chosen at random to win the entire New Arrival Boy collection. Simply comment on TODAY’s post on the Pebbles before Sunday at midnight (EST).  They will announce a winner Monday morning. Good luck!


New Arrival Boy 3x3 Cards (751064)
New Arrival Boy Mommy's Boy (751065)
New Arrival Boy Little Angel (751069)
New Arrival Boy Brand New (751070)
New Arrival Boy Precious (751071)
New Arrival Boy Word Stickers (732027)
New Arrival Boy 4x5 Rub Ons (735006)
New Arrival Boy Felt Embellishments (747001)
White Cardstock (American Crafts)
Pen (American Crafts)
Foam Dots (American Crafts)
Brown Crochet Thread

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