Wednesday, April 15, 2009

laundry sign and asthma...

In another lifetime, my kitchen was decorated with lots of country animals galore.  I had quite the collection, but several years ago, most of the items found their way to Deseret Industries.  I did save a few items though, including this little kitchen print - it looked like this:


I know.  It's been sitting in my basement, with many other framed prints, for a very long time. I saved it because it was in a fun it is NOT in the frame because I sent it to country decor heaven...but I did keep the frame.  The frame was brown, which I wasn't digging, so I whipped out a can of black spray paint, some scrapbook paper, and a roll of black vinyl and my silhouette.  And here's what I created:


I added a clothespin (also painted black) and a yellow bow and hung it in my newly painted YELLOW laundry room:


I love giving a new life to something that has been sitting unloved and unappreciated for so many years.  And now I can clip those pesky un-matched socks that come through my dryer every time I do laundry (every. time.) right here while we wait for their mates to come through the laundry in another batch!

In other news...I'm not sure if I've mentioned it much here on my blog, but I have a child with asthma.  It's not very fun.  He's old enough to manage it (mostly) on his own now - and his inhaler is pretty much his constant friend.  Asthma doesn't keep him down - but when he gets sick, it makes everything a little more intense and a little more scary.  (One of the main reasons I'm happy to know that Spring is just around the corner)  Anyway, a few days ago, I was given the opportunity to see a peek at a new book all about childhood asthma.  It's not a medical book...but a story book...for kids.  Josh is probably a little too old to really care about it, but if I'd had it a few years ago, I know he would have enjoyed it - and he would have been happy to know that he wasn't alone in his condition.  Here's a peek at the cute cover of the book:


Did you know that nearly one out of every 10 children in the US has asthma? This makes it the most common chronic condition among school-age children. Asthma accounts for almost 13 million missed school days each year, and it is also the third-ranking cause of hospitalization among kids ages 15 and under.

If you have a child with asthma, or know of one, you can get a copy of this book for free by clicking here.


  1. Cute sign! Thanks for the asthma link. My son was recently diagnosed (even though I had a sneaking suspicion for a while now!) Off to check it out!
    Janet - WI

  2. GORGEOUS sign! I love to repurpose things too! thanks for the asthma link. I will share.

  3. i should show you some photos of my house from about 2 years ago ... every inch of this place was filled with country knick knacks. lol! i sent them all away too ... not a trace of country left here!

    love the sign ... and i think the yellow bow and clothespin adds the perfect finishing touch!

    thanks for the link on the book. alyssa has had asthma all her life. she manages it pretty well on her own with her inhalers ... but she still pushes herself more than she should sometimes.

  4. Wow, your sign turned out really great! You should post it on Metamorphisis MOndays at Between Naps on the Porch.

  5. You are a miracle worker. That sign for your laundry room is decadent! I looove it!

    I do know a few kids with asthma, but didn't realize it was that prevalent. intersting.

  6. ps. I think we need more pictures of your cute house. That snippet of laundry room is leaving me wanting more, and I would love to see more of your new kitchen too.

    Call me greedy, I know!

  7. Love that laundry sign!! You are amazing. :) Joey had asthma. It was very frightening to watch him when he had an attack. I'm very grateful for modern medicine.

  8. So, so cute! I love that sign! I have so many things hanging around that I need to get to repurposing, too! Thanks for the inspo! ;)