Tuesday, January 09, 2007

crazy hair and sweet, sweet mail...

It's spirit week at the kids' school today. Yesterday was pajama day -- Josh wanted nothing to do with that, and Meagan didn't know because she was sick last week (oops, I forgot to tell her I'd read it on Josh's classroom letter). But today, ah, that was a different story. They were both all for particpating in CRAZY HAIR DAY!!! Meagan spent a long time last night going through my scrapbook supplies, deciding what she could use to make her hair crazy. We decided on these buttons. So this morning, with these buttons, and a little bit (okay, a lot) of glue, we buttoned up her head! I thought it looked pretty cute myself. And she was happy with it -- and making this girl happy isn't always an easy feat! Pardon the wet glue in these photos - it dried clear and looked great! Josh was a bit more conservative with his craziness. He just wanted his hair "spikey, like when I get out of the bath." So with a little (okay, a lot) of gel, we got his hair standing up pretty high....and I realized he really needs a haircut again! He was happy with his hair too. When he walked out the door to go to the bus stop, the neighbor kids were walking along the sidewalk across the street. I heard one little girl say "There's Josh, look at his hair! Do you like it?" to one of the little boys. The little boy responded, "Oh yeah, that looks cool." So, I guess if "cool" and "crazy" are interchangable, we had ourselves a winner. When he got home his hair was totally flat. I asked him what happened and he said, "Eveybody just wanted to touch it and press on it because it was so crunchy." He had a big grin (still) on his face. Ah, if only I could always make them this happy with a little bit of glue, a few buttons, and a handful of hair gel!!!

And the sweet sweet mail....it came yesterday from a friend. Yummy kisses and CUTE measuring cups and a cute little note. Sweet, huh?!? Thanks, friend. :o)

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  1. Hi Wendy Sue!!

    Megan's hair is ADORABLE with all those buttons- what a clever idea!! Did it hurt to take them out??