Friday, March 16, 2012

we are ready…

…for Spring!  Even though we had a really (REALLY) mild winter, we didn’t spend a lot of time outside.  This week the boys have been outside every day after school because it’s been so warm.


I will be so happy when the grass starts to turn green…and when it’s warm enough for ME to want to do some yard work…just look at those UGLY bushes around the edges of our yard, (as if you could even pretend to ignore them) yikes!

These two got out a frisbee last night…


…and it looks like this one is ready to take his walking stick and go on a little hike. ;)


Today is supposed to be nice too…so I’m sure these boys will be spending another afternoon/evening outside – playing, getting lots of fresh air, and getting plenty of exercise with the neighborhood kids…and then they will ALL sleep great tonight! (that’s the bonus for moms!)  :)


As a side note…Meagan is getting plenty of “outside time” as well – in the form of High School Track & Field.  (Do you think she’d mind if I showed up at the school and took photos of her at practice?  Yeah…probably.)    She’ll be competing at her first meet tomorrow…wish her luck! 

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