Wednesday, August 24, 2011

one last hurrah…

…well, sort of.  Summer break is officially over in a matter of hours!

I was planning on taking the kids to the “big city” for a matinee and a fun lunch out – but life had other plans – Meagan’s early morning cross country practice took almost 4 hours instead of the normal 2ish, Josh had afternoon football practice instead of evening practice since it’s back-to-school night, and I was running the bike back and forth to the bike shop so it would be ready for Josh’s ride tonight with the scouts (yep – we had it in the shop last week, but Brad discovered on Saturday that it wasn't completely fixed…he found this out while he was out on a 30+ mile bike ride with the big kids –yikes!).  So, my plans were changed – and we ended up at Dairy Keen for lunch instead. 


I don’t think the kids cared at all that we didn’t travel to Provo for the afternoon – especially since they were blissfully unaware of my aforementioned plans.


They were just happy to go out and get something yummy for lunch – and to celebrate the last day of summer vacation!


It’s been a crazy summer for us – no big vacations or trips (unless you count our early summer stint at Primary Children’s Hospital)…yet it’s flown by.  The kids have entertained each other every single day.  They’ve made new friends in our new neighborhood.  We’ve taken little day trips here and there – but nothing that required too much preparation or planning.

And now here we are, only 13 hours away from starting a brand new school year.  I can’t believe my oldest will be starting high school tomorrow.  HIGH SCHOOL.  Crazy!  And my baby will be starting kindergarten this year.  All four kids will be in school every single day – I’m kind of glad kindergarten is only 1/2 days so I can have 9 months to transition myself into this next phase of my life. ;)

We have a busy evening ahead…and hopefully some early bedtimes.

I wonder who has more butterflies –

these cute kids or their mom…

(don’t answer that!) :o)


  1. I have one starting high school too and I think I'm more nervous than he is!

  2. Nice post Wendy. My DD is starting high school too. I think we both are feeling more overwhelmed than nervous. 9th grade is a huge leap from 8th. And all this college prep, SO not ready for that. Fortunately we homeschool so I get more time with DD- but seriously, how can we slow down the clock?