Thursday, August 25, 2011

and they’re off…

The house is pretty quiet now – except for poor little Zach who is already super bored with all of his siblings off at school!  Meagan was the first to leave – before it was even very light this morning:


I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that she started HIGH SCHOOL today!  I was able to drive her and it was fun watching her as she went from super calm at the house to a little bit giddy as we pulled into the school parking lot.  She was glad to see one of her best friends pull in right behind us too – she was out of the van and onto the sidewalk before I could even think about getting teary!  It’s Freshman orientation day today – so no upperclassmen were at the school…I think it’s a genius plan to get these 9th graders started.  She has play practice right after school today, so I won’t see her until this evening – I can’t wait to get the full report…well, at least however much a 14 year old will tell her mom.

And here’s my calm, cool, and collected 6th grader:


I honestly don’t think he was one bit nervous.  We didn’t go to back-to-school night for him because he wanted to go on a scout bike ride last night.  I was worried that he’d regret his decision and wish he had gone to meet his teacher – but he didn’t.  He is our only bus rider this year…so we snapped this quick picture and he left in one direction while I headed the opposite direction with this cute 2nd grader:


Seth was the most nervous of the three kids, I am sure of it.  He had a hard time going to sleep last night – and you can tell by the way he is wringing his hands in the photos that he was anxious.  Our new neighborhood is very close to the elementary school, so Seth will be able to walk to school this year.  Today I walked with him – but as soon as we got to the front door, he was like “Okay Mom, you don’t have to walk with me to my classroom.”  I did anyway. ;)

And this cute little almost-kindergartener walked with us too – because he had his testing/evaluation appointment at 9:00 this morning.


I’m fairly certain he’ll be in the afternoon session of kindergarten this year, but we won’t know for sure until all of the testing has been completed.  He was the VERY first child to have an appointment (thanks to a last name that starts with “A”), and they will be testing for the next week.  He’ll have back to school night next Thursday night and his first day will be next Friday.  He’s planning on lots of “buddy time” with mommy over the next week – I am too!

I can’t wait until this afternoon so I can hear all about their big day! :o)

And speaking of being “off” – I’m ready to send off this fun kit to one of my lucky blog readers. 


The random winner is:


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Pamk said...

I probably have pics of picnics and my kiddos playing in the park that this line would work I have so many pics to scrap.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011 7:48:00 PM

Pam, I am sending you an e-mail right now!

…and I am off to do something FUN with my little buddy! :o)


  1. Oh how I wish Wisconsin did half day kindergarten! Seven hours of school plus an hour each way on the bus... too long!!! I think i will be driving him and putting him in a different school than our assigned one. It is so much closer. This year, my middle's last year of jr. high. She is the big fish in the pond! 8th grade. I hope your kids have a wonderful year!!

  2. your kids are so adorably cute! meagan looks so grown up now, heading to high school! i hope they're all enjoying school and loving their teachers!