Friday, May 20, 2011

soccer and treats…

Zach has been playing soccer this spring.


It was his first time playing and he’s been having a lot of fun.


It’s a county league, and the “under six” division plays 3 on 3.  Each team has only five players, so there is plenty of playing time for everyone.


It’s a pretty short season – especially when you consider it should have ended a week ago, but due to snow and rain we had a couple of games rescheduled to this week.


Tomorrow morning will be our final game (unless it gets rained out).  If you’ve ever had a kid play soccer, you know that the only thing more important than getting an opportunity to kick the ball is getting a treat after the game.


We are taking treats to tomorrow’s game.  Since it’s the final game, I wanted to do something a little more special, so I put together some little treat bags.  I used my Slice and the Bravissimo Slice Design Card to create these little goodie bags for our team members.


The bags are just simple brown lunch sacks, but the fun part is the little paper ribbons that embellish each bag.  Here’s a closer look at the ribbons:soccer_treat_bag1

I used the Noir Paper Reverie collection from Making Memories.  I like using papers from a single collection – that way they all match and it eliminates the step of looking through every paper I own to get several papers that work together.


I used different words on each ribbon.  Each one is a sentiment on the Bravissimo design card.soccer_treat_bag3

I thought about adding their names…but these are 5 year old boys, and I know they likely aren’t going to save their bags, so I didn’t want to do too much work, lol.soccer_treat_bag4

Wish us luck on our final game…and keep your fingers crossed for sunshine! :o)

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