Monday, April 04, 2011

random monday…

I haven’t been great at keeping up…so here’s another post full of randomness:

1.  Last Friday we made our first purchase for our new yard…


We bought this baby late Friday night and the two little boys were awake at 7:30 am Saturday morning begging Brad to get it put together.  Luckily, it was really warm on Saturday – up to 70 degrees before noon – and apparently Zach figured it was summer, so he should shed his shirt, lol.

2.  Our first trampoline injury occurred approximately 3 minutes after this photo was taken.  Guess who got hurt.  I’ll give you a hint:  It was the one family member NOT included in the above photo.

3.  When it comes to flailing arms vs. faces (especially noses)…the nose will always lose.  It’s a fact.  I have the swollen nose to prove it. ;)

4.  24 hours after the above photo was taken, the trampoline (and ugly yard) was covered in several inches of snow.  again.  ugh.

5.  I spent hours working on some fun projects over the weekend.  One I can’t share any details at all (yet) …but the other project I can share tomorrow.  The “sharable” project involves Cosmo Cricket and Studio Calico – and it was FUN!  Here’s a little peek:

sc_cc_party_layout_wendysue_detail4 sc_cc_puzzle_layout_wendysue_detail5

I will be sharing the rest tomorrow! :o)

6.  While I was working, I decided I needed some new music to listen to (between listening to General Conference sessions).  So…I visited Amazon and bought these two albums:


7.  This is REALLY random…but every night our phone rings at 9:14.  It’s a half-ring…you know, the kind that doesn’t show anything on the Caller I.D.  But it happens every. single. night.  Since the first night we had our phones hooked up.  Any ideas why this might be happening???

8.  I want to order a personalized return address stamp.  I want something really unique…and it has to be cute.  I’ve been browsing ETSY and I’ve done some google searches, and I’ve found a few fun options…but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions.  Do you have a personalized stamp you love?  Have you seen one?  Will you share a link with me?

9.  My sweetheart is celebrating a birthday tomorrow.  A milestone birthday.  It’s going to be a good day. :o) 


  1. Can you send some of your 70 degree weather?? Our snow melted... then we also ended up with more. Saturday, it made it to 50 here. A heatwave for us! Since... rain and wind with highs in the 30's. Hope your nose is feeling better. I can't wait to see your Cosmo/Studio Calico LO. Love your work! :)

  2. I love this etsy shop for address stamps. I purchased one for my mother-in-law and she loved it. Here is the link: I need to get one for myself one of these days!

    That trampoline looks like fun. We were spoiled by warm weather here in Ohio yesterday, but today it is gone. Back to wearing winter coats again!

  3. I so want to get a trampoline for our family but then I realize that we are military and although we are only expecting one more move (the retirement move) it is possible there may be more...
    The mom is always the one to get hurt and it is always my nose, I don't understand that part. I don't think I have a big nose :)
    Personalized stamps...the only ones I know for sure are with a stamp company called "Whimsy stamps". Here are the ones they have good luck on your search. I hope you find what you want.

  4. If and when I have kids, I definitely want a trampoline :) Sorry you got hurt!!

    There is a thread over on SC about personalized address stamps. I might order from NoteTrunk from Etsy for myself soon.

    I ordered 2 address stamps from Paperwink as gifts for 2 friends. She has nice designs!
    If you are still mulling over, sign up for her mailing list she periodically has sales (% off total)

  5. Just a suggestion on the trampoline. We always had a rule that only 2 could be jumping at a time. Others would sit on the edge indian style and still get bounced. That cut back on injuries i think and they still had fun. Enjoy!

  6. Playing the trampoline looks fun! Hope your nose is feeling better.

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