Friday, April 01, 2011


If you participate in winter sports, you’re told over and over and over again to dress in layers.  It’s safer.  It’s smarter.  Plus it’s a great excuse to buy some cute layering clothes!  Well, we’re hoping old man winter has gone away for a while (though I hear he’s planning on making a short return trip this weekend)…but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop layering!  If you happened to see the Making Memories blog yesterday, you were treated to a sweet layout by my very talented friend Laura – it features the Zootopia Slice Design Card and focused on the layering feature.  It just so happens that I was asked to share a bit of information about layering with the SLICE today!  I chose to use the Zootopia card also – fun coincidence!  If you are not familiar with the new “layering feature” available on some of the newer Slice design cards, it allows you to cut a shape and also a layering piece that is made to place on top of the shape.  Here’s a quick image of the shapes I cut out:


And here are the individual pieces after I layered them together:

slice_layered_turtle slice_layered_hippo slice_layered_snake  

After I layered my cute little animals…I used them on a few quick cards:


I also used stickers and rub-ons to add a few more little layers (can’t get enough) of interest to each card.

If you’re interested, here are a few more details.





slice_layered_hippo_card1 slice_layered_hippo_card2


And the Snake:

slice_layered_snake_card1 slice_layered_snake_card2


So…what do you think about layering?  Fun, right?!?  I challenge YOU to use layering on your next project!


**I used paper from the new Dilly Dally line by Making Memories (except for the pink polka-dot…it’s from the Jet A’dore line)

**I’ve had a few people ask me about the Zoo-topia design card.  Apparently, it’s a little bit hard to find…I found it at – you can click on the image to go to their site**


  1. Hia Wendy
    Loving all your really cute crafty makes - especially your hippos turtles and snakes, very very cute.
    Lets hopefully say good bye Mr winter and Hellooooo Miss Spring!
    Thanks for sharing
    Take care
    Rachel and Angela
    Rainbow Studio's

  2. thanks for the little shout out wendy :)
    love your layered cards. that zootopia design card is such a fun one. and i love the fun sentiments you came up with ... especially the snake one. too cute!