Thursday, March 24, 2011

it’s only thursday…

…and so far this week we have:

  • had family home evening with another fun family – went to the community pool where one of the boys in their family helped Josh finish up his swimming merit badge!
  • baked dozens of chocolate chip cookies…they are almost gone.  No, we didn’t eat them all…we took most of them to a family dinner that was at our church after a funeral and we took some to some friends.  (the rest, we ate.)
  • took Zach in to the doctor for his kindergarten check-up and immunizations.  We knew he was our tall & skinny boy, but it was confirmed when we found he was 46 inches tall (90th %) and only 42 pounds (50th %).  He was so cute as he sat and waited for the nurse to give him his immunizations.  I was standing by him and he started mumbling something to himself…after watching him repeat it a few times, I realized he was telling himself “don’t remember this…ever.”  Poor little guy was so scared for his shots, but he was putting on a brave face.  He did great – no tears at all.  So when he asked for an Icee after he was done, I had to oblige. :)
  • worked on several fun paper projects – can’t wait to share them here!
  • watched Meagan prepare her science fair project for the regional competition.  She is at BYU today – presenting her project to several judges.  Brad and I will head down at 2:00 to pick her up…then we get to spend all afternoon together before returning to the awards ceremony at 7:00.  I’m looking forward to spending some time with just her – dinner and shopping and who knows what else we’ll do to kill the four or so hours we’ll have.  My mom and dad are taking care of the boys so they are going to have a fun afternoon/evening too!
  • our van turned 100,000 miles last week (wow!).  Of course, two days later, my window quit working.  My dad was so quick to offer to order the part and fix it for us – soooo sweet!  Hopefully I’ll be able to unroll my window again soon.  (It’s a pain to have to open my door to order my McDonald’s diet coke! ;))
  • we found out yesterday that Brad’s mom is coming up to stay with us for a while. Well, she’s not coming just to stay with us – Brad’s nephew is getting married on Saturday, so she’s coming up for his wedding, but she will be staying at our house. We are excited to see her – we haven’t seen her since Thanksgiving.
  • in light of her forthcoming visit, I will be spending a little bit of extra time cleaning and trying to unpack a little more.  That’s the best thing about having a houseguest…extra motivation!
  • started planning a little surprise for Brad’s upcoming birthday…it’s a big one, so I want to plan something extra fun!  (no…he doesn’t read my blog)
  • and I performed minor surgery this morning. ;)  Seth woke up this morning and said, “Mom, I feel like I have a rock in my ear.”  what?  I was afraid he had an ear infection or something.  I grabbed a flashlight to take a peek, expecting to maybe see redness, but not expecting to see anything else.  Especially not a ROCK.  Yes.  He did.  He had a rock in his ear.  First he explained that he had fallen on the playground.  I didn’t buy it.  Then he said someone put it in his ear – but he could not remember who.  Nope, not buying it.  Finally he admitted that he had picked it up and put it in his own ear yesterday at school.  yeah, that’s what I figured.  I know I have specifically told my kids not to put ANYTHING (except maybe their elbow) in their ears.  Glad that he listened.  Oh well…I was able to get the rock out with my….wait for it…paper piercer.  Yep – scrapbooking tools to the rescue!  Really, I just needed something long and skinny – it was a small rock and there was room around it, I just had to kind of get behind it so I could flick it out.  Good times.

And, because I don’t like to post without a photo or a project, here’s a fun little card I made last week. :o)  I ordered this set of Paper Smooches stamps and couldn’t wait to use them on a card – my buddy Kim is so talented…I love her new stamps and I’m so excited that she started her very own stamp company, Paper Smooches (how cute is that name?)!

rtg_love_card  rtg_love_card_detail1


Sentiment Stamp

Charcoal Ink 

Embossed Cardstock

Patterned paper (for flower)


Rub-on stitches (these are getting HARD to find – but I LOVE them, so it’s worth searching…and then stocking up! I found them here on Amazon.)

Corner rounder


  1. Sounds like a fun and exciting week for you guys. Glad it is going well. Have fun at the wedding. I know what you mean about having a guest help get you motivated to clean up.
    Great, another stamp company to get hooked on ;)

  2. Fun family life recap - a couple summers ago, we were camping when my son looked startled and then said "something" was in his ear ... he thought it was a bug (he's a bit of a hypochondriac) but after he kept insisting I got a flashlight and looked and ... a fly (not a small one either!) Hubby had him lean over and we poured water in his ear and that fly backed out ... it was a scene from Alien! Aaaack!

  3. families- such blessings and fun..can't believe about the rock....ha! Boys will be boys..too funny!
    Your cards is ADORABLE...right into my fav folder! THanks for sharing-have a great weekend!

  4. Wow! We'll just call you Dr. Anderson! lol, that reminds me of the story my husband's family tells of 4 or 5...sticking a DIME up his nose!!! And do tell...what was the science fair project? For the 3rd year in a 11 yo has found something to rot....or mold....whatever. This year it was eggs. Yep. Eggs.