Friday, January 14, 2011

excited about this deal…

Is it wrong to feel absolutely giddy about something like this?


I hope not…because I am feeling just that way!  I’m having tons of fun organizing ( i know…that sounds crazy…but it’s so so true!) every little thing in our new home, and I am super excited to purchase several sets of these labels to make my organization cute too!  

I’ve seen these chalkboard vinyl labels “around,” but never at such a great bargain – four labels for only $4!

Here are a few more photos of items they’ve used these great labels on:

deal100a  deal100b

In their description, they say the vinyl will stick to any clean surface.

I think they will be perfect for labeling the plastic drawers that house some of the boy’s toys…and there will definitely be some in my kitchen pantry…and possibly my laundry room…and my office…man, I may have to go order a few more sets!!

It says they work with regular chalk, but I think I’m going to order some of these chalk pens to use! 

They write like a marker, but wipe off like chalk…fun, right?!?

I’m definitely getting white:

But I think I’m going to have to buy this fun colored set as well:

I just LOVE Groopdealz!  I’ve already made several purchases and I love finding their e-mails in my in box each day.  If you haven’t heard of them, be sure to check them out! :o)

(and if you decide to order these, I’d love love love to see what you label with them!!)


  1. These look like a lot of fun, but when I went to look at the markers, there are quite a few comments in the ratings section that these are NOT chalk, and you may need to clean with MR Clean magic erasers, which might ruin the vinyl labels. but the labels look like a really cool deal.

  2. I totally LOVE those labels...and are on my to buy list!!! LOVE organizing...I'm in the middle of organizing our closets!

  3. Love these and went and bought 2 sets! Thanks for sharing!