Friday, November 12, 2010

halloween recap…

I know, it’s taken me forever to get halloween all wrapped up and put away for another year…but I decided I couldn’t let another day go by without recording our 2010 halloween memories!

I had been excited all month, knowing Halloween was on a Saturday, which would allow me to take plenty of pictures of the kids in their costumes before it was dark outside…so I wouldn’t have to resort to indoor/flash-ridden photos.  Unfortunately, this year we had rain on Halloween.  Lots and lots of rain. So taking the kids out into the back yard wasn’t really an option – they weren’t interested in getting wet just for a few photos, so we opted to put the kids on the porch (under the overhang), and I ventured onto the lawn with my camera and an umbrella. :o)


Josh, of course, chose a creepy Scream mask to wear with his black robe this year.  We actually already had the mask from a previous year, but this year we let him put the “blood” in the mask – which he loved!


And then we had Iron Man and his buddy War Machine.


And at the last minute, Meagan opted for this cute Thomas the Tank Engine Costume.  She had plans to attend a friend’s party, but part of that party was to be held outside, and she didn’t think her original idea would hold up well in the rain.  So she went to the “costume box” and came out with this oldie, but goodie.  :o)


What?  You’re wondering what her original idea was?  Okay, here you go:


Oh yeah, she’s a clever little thing.  How many costumes allow you to wear your regular clothing,

and still get giggles out of people?


Wanna know how I know about the giggles?  Well, she left her sign in the back of the van and I didn’t even notice it as I was happily passing out candy to the trunk or treaters…until one of the moms giggled and commented on the sign, assuming it was MY costume.  Yeah, no.  It’s cute for a 13 year old…but NOT so cute for her old mom.  That sign was quickly explained and tucked underneath a blanket – how embarrassing. ;)

Here are a couple of group photos with Meagan’s “other” costume:halloween_kids2_filteredhalloween_kids1_filtered 

When we dropped Meagan off at her party, we let the boys trick or treat – the Hutchinson’s are so sweet…and spoiled the kids with BIG candy bars! :o)

halloween_trickortreat1_vintage2 halloween_trickortreat2_filtered 

After we left Meagan at her party, we headed to the church for the Trunk or Treat.  It was one WET trunk or treat…the boys scored tons of candy and we were back home in less than an hour – nobody wanted to hang out in that downpour! 

The rain finally let up a bit and we ended up taking the boys out for some “real” trick or treating with some neighbors who didn’t make it to the trunk or treat.

I spent a few hours on Monday de-halloweenifying our home. 


And then I put some of these cute photos and memories in the little Halloween Mini Album I created a couple of years ago (you can read more about it here if you’re interested).


I love watching the kids as they open this album each year.  This year was especially fun as Zach looked through it and asked questions about the Halloweens before he was born.  It’s fun having a record of ALL the halloween costumes and a few words about each halloween saved in one place. :)


After the album is updated, it’s tucked away with all of the halloween decorations, and will be taken out again next year.


And speaking of Halloween…Creative Crafts Group contacted me a few months ago and told me they were planning on making my layout from the “pretty spooky” article in the October 2010 issue of CK magazine into a kit.


I wrote up a detailed supply list and all of the instructions, and sent it off.  They had to make a few product changes, because some of the items I had used were already discontinued (that’s just how it works in this industry with seasonal items).  I  just got the e-mail last week, letting me know it was finally available.  You can check it out here.

Oh…and last but certainly not least…thank you so much for sharing some of the things you are grateful for in THIS post  – I loved reading your thoughts.

Of course, I used the trusty random number generator to choose a winner:



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  miketellie said...

I am extremely thankful for the peaceful feeling that seems to take over my home this time of year. I love snuggling up next to the Christmas trees (I know it's a little early) with my family & watching the lights as they seem to sparkle on the tree. It seems to bring me closer to my Savior & reminds me that everything happens for a reason & we should just be thankful we get to enjoy the ride.

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  1. your kids look so cute in their costumes! and meagan's first choice is so creative. what a great sense of humor that girl has! love the phrase "de-halloweenifying" ... i need to do that still, but i also only have up 4 halloween decorations. lol! and love the cute halloween album. i keep saying i'm doing to do one of those, so i can just add my girls pics to it each year. still on my list of things-to-scrap.