Thursday, October 25, 2007

halloween mini book...

Last month I was asked to create a Halloween mini album for the Making Memories blog. I've been wanting to create a "through the years" type of album for a while now, so this was a great opportunity to do it. I love the new Halloween line and used it exclusively for this project -- I put it all together in one night (yes, it was an "all-night" night...but it was SO worth it when I finished)! Every single photo matte doubles as a pocket which holds a card with journaling about each halloween...and sometimes holds additional photos. I love the idea of having a record like this! Now all I have to do for the next 12 years is simply add a photo and journaling for each Halloween! Here's the LINK to the MM Blog...and here are a few more photos:

(Oh, and FYI, in case you're interested, I know these mini album kits are being sold at Target this year for only $5.o0 -- I actually won one at a bunco party in September!)


  1. i was just commenting on this on the MM blog. such a fun album ... and love that you have room for so many years all in one spot! i did something similiar for christmas and love it ... one photo a year and some random journaling.

    btw ... i'm going to target tonight to pick up gifts for all the parties we managed to get invited to this weekend ... will have to pick up one of these albums! i see them everytime i go there ... but i think i may use your idea now!

  2. Wow that is a great album! You did a beautiful job. It looks so familiar ;). Sounds like you had a fun night playing.

  3. Absolutely fabulous. I don't know how you do those all nighters. I just can't anymore - must be getting old Ü

  4. Very cool album! Love it!!!
    Janet - WI

  5. such a great little album! A great way to look back! :)