Tuesday, September 07, 2010

he had a birthday...

...shout hooray! :o)

Yep - my guy is 11 years old now!  We celebrated his birthday a day early since we were on the road, headed out on a little family getaway, on his actual birthday.  He was excited to open his gifts to find an i-pod touch and accessories.  Really, he was...he's really truly smiling.  He'd been to the dentist right before he opened his gifts and one side of his face was numb - so it's a little crooked, but trust me, the smile is there!  (watching him try to blow out his candles was immensely entertaining.  You should try it next time you're numb from the dentist - it's hilarious!)Josh_bday_collage

We spent the evening celebrating with family at Grandma and Grandpa's house - where he was thrilled to receive even more special attention and gifts - a wii game, his own afghan, an i-tunes gift card, and cashola!  We also celebrated with plenty of sugar -  white cake with chocolate frosting & sprinkles and vanilla bean ice cream (his favorite).

It was lots of fun celebrating his birthday...but doing it early kind of made his actual day a let-down for him.  He's my sensitive kiddo and he was a little emotional as we were headed out on our trip - because he didn't want to spend his birthday driving all day.  I believe he actually might have even muttered something about it being the "worst day ever."  Good thing he had that brand new ipod to play all the way to St. George, huh?

I know every mom says it every time her child celebrates a birthday, but honestly, I feel like it wasn't that long ago when Josh came into this world - over two weeks ahead of schedule!  I still remember eating zuchinni cookies for breakfast (made my my mom and sister the day before)...I know, super healthy, right?  I did have milk too...and zuchinni is healthy!  Anyway, a few short hours later I was at the hospital calling Mom to come get Meagan and calling Brad to hurry up and get to the hospital.  Josh was born during the noon hour while rain poured and poured outside.  Though the weather was dreary, it was truly an amazing day - one of the best days of my life!  Josh was an easy baby - so content and happy all the time.  He was my snuggler.  He's so smart and talented, wants to be everybody's friend, is excited for Scouts, loves roller-coasters, and will always be my little boy, no matter how big he gets!  Happy Birthday Josh! :o)


  1. dentist appt and numb mouth on the celebration day ... and driving in a car all day on the actual birthday. poor dude! lol! looks like he had a great birthday though. glad he's loving his ipod!

  2. What a great day for him to be born! My Mya's birthday is the same-she also turned 11! Hurray Sept. 7! :0)