Wednesday, September 08, 2010

all about me...

...kind of.

My very first assignment for my new position as a member of the Pebbles Inc. Design team was to create a layout to "introduce myself."  I wasn't too excited to talk about myself, so I let me four biggest fans (and critics, lol) do the talking for me.



I asked each of them what they would say if someone said, “Tell me a few things about your mom.” Take a peek at some of their answers:




I am so glad I asked them to do my journaling for me.  You should try it - you might get a whole new perspective about yourself when you see how others see you.  Consider it a challenge - I'd love to see your layout if you take me up on it! :o)


Pebbles Tree House Trunk (751034)
Pebbles Tree House Melody (751030)
Pebbles Tree House Laughter (751025)
Pebbles Tree House Chips (744114)
Pebbles Chirpy Cardstock ABC Stickers (7322009)
White Cardstock (American Crafts)
Letter Stickers (American Crafts)
Foam Adhesive Tabs (American Crafts)
Border Punch (Stampin’ Up!)
SNF Marmalade font (
Red Crochet thread
White thread


  1. I LOVE this idea! So fun! I always hate to introduce myself, too, but our families know us better than anyone... sometimes even ourselves. Beautiful job!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that red floral paper. I think I bought 12 sheets of it, just to make sure I always have some. I haven't felt that passionate about a patterned paper in a long time! CUTE layout!

  3. love this idea! i'm sure the girls would come up with some crazy comments about me too, though. lol! great pictures of you and the kids too ... blue is definately a good color on you :)

  4. What a great, super cute idea! I laughed about the Diet Coke!