Thursday, August 05, 2010

a gift from the kitchen...

I'll be the first to admit I'm much more creative with paper and scissors than I am with pots and pans...but I love strawberry freezer jam.  It's super easy to make (duh, if it wasn't easy I certainly couldn't make it) AND you can decorate the jars when you're done. The best of both worlds!


I put together these gift jars for the Making Memories blog last month - you can read more here.

When you make jam, there's ALWAYS enough to share...and if you're going to share, why not make the jars cute, right?!?

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Now if I could just master homemade bread to eat with my jam, I'd be one happy girl!!



Slice Hands-Free Kit (if you have a Slice and haven't purchased the hands free kit yet, do will LOVE it!)

Noteworthy Design Card

Pink Paper (available in this pack...I couldn't find it available individually anywhere)

Teal Paper

Orange Paper

Vintage Groove Charms 

more VG charms

and more VG charms

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  1. These are absolutely fabulous - love them! I'm the same as you are - better crafter than cook!