Tuesday, August 03, 2010

sonic slush smiles...

Last summer, Sonic slushes were our go-to treat. 

This summer...we haven't had any because our local Sonic went out of business. 

I'm glad I took a few pictures of the boys enjoying a slush last summer.


I wish someone would re-open the Sonic here in town. 

The kids miss the slushes.   I miss my cranberry diet coke...sigh...


white cardstock

striped patterned paper

red patterned paper

heatwave stickers

journaling blocks

slick writer pen - perfect for writing on photos!

glitter chipboard letters - LOVE these!


  1. A cranberry diet coke sounds great right now! You got me hooked on them!

  2. We don't have one here, and I did have one other places we have lived with the military. I miss it too-cherry limeade.

  3. super cute layout. That yellow AC ribbon is my go to for Summer layouts :-).

  4. i'm ashamed to say that i still have NOT gone to sonic ... even though you always raved about the drinks. lol! i promise i will get there soon, and have one for you ;)

  5. Very cute layout! Now it makes me want to take my kids there just to copy that darling page.

  6. seriously!!! How many different owners has our sonic had so far? I loved the cranberry diet coke you brought me, so yummy. Super cute layout too!