Wednesday, July 28, 2010

30 days & funner in the summer...

Have you ever visited Thirty Handmade Days?


It's an awesome blog created by a super fun and creative gal, Mique.  I don't remember how I first happened upon her blog, but I do know that I immediately added it to my favorite blog lists.  A few months ago, I was even lucky enough to win a DownEast swim suit from her! 

When she asked if I'd like to join her by sharing a post for her funner in the summer series, I was flattered. :)


I thought it would be fun to share a fun and easy way to record those summer memories.  summer_album_all 

Please hop over to her blog to check out the details...and to see all of the other FUN summer projects and activities she has gathered!

birthday fun...

Several weeks ago, I saw a fun tutorial for a paper bow on a blog.  I was excited to try it out and thought the result was pretty fun.  After I made it, I thought it would be fun to use on a page. I thought the colors worked well with these photos of my cute nephew on his 3rd birthday...three years ago.  Yeah, I'm behind...




Yeah, that big bow will get totally smashed when I put it in a page protector (eventually), but I like it anyway. :o)


Joy Ride Papers

Joy Ride Chipboard

Chipboard Alphabet

Foam Tabs

Monday, July 26, 2010

pop on pals...

A couple of weeks ago, I received another fun product courtesy of Team Mom.  This time it was a little amusement park play set.  The timing was great - we had just been to Lagoon the day before, so the boys were both excited to open it up and play with it.


The product is called pop on pals, (by Spin Master) which is a company that is new to me. 

The box says ages 2+, and it would definitely be appropriate for younger kids, but my boys also had a lot of fun playing with it.


It was easy to set up - there was very little assembly involved.  The hardest thing was untwisting all the little wires they put through every possible piece to keep it in the box.


The colors are bright and fun, the music is not super annoying (as it is in many toys), and the pieces seem very sturdy (face it, four and six year old boys aren't always the most gentle) - we didn't have a single broken or cracked piece after some good, hard play-time. 

[See Zach's Lagoon stamp on his hand? Very appropriate, right?!?] 


The boys played for quite a while, figuring out how all the rides/attractions worked, changing out the rings on the pop on pal boy, and racing down the roller-coaster. 


  There are lots of other play sets and pieces - you can see them all on their web site, here. 

They are available for purchase at many toy retailers, including can view many of the available products here:   Pop On Pals Products.

[Pop On Pals products were provided to me to review by Team MomAll opinions are my own.]

Friday, July 16, 2010

paper crafts magazine presents: a card style mystery blog hop...

Hey everyone!  Welcome to this stop on the mystery blog hop! 

I am so excited to be able share Paper Crafts Magazine's latest special issue with you:


Just as the title indicates, this special issue is all about STYLE!  The cards in this issue are divided into four different styles -

  • fun & cute
  • clean & graphic
  • classy & elegant
  • shabby & vintage

I doubt it would be difficult to figure out that my cards are featured in the "fun & cute" section!  I love fun & cute!  It's the style that comes most naturally to me.  It makes me happy. :o)

I enjoyed working on my cards for this issue because I was free to create with my favorite style in mind!  Not that I don't love a good challenge, but sometimes it's awesome to just sit down and create whatever comes naturally!

Just for fun, here's a card I created just for this blog-hop - it definitely features my "go-to" style:



In honor of the release of this issue, Paper Crafts is giving away an amazing prize package!  You can go to the Paper Crafts connection blog or the Moxie Fab World blogs to see the prizes!  Each blog will show a portion of the prize package which is valued over $350.

Before you continue on the blog hop, leave a comment telling me about the CUTEST thing you've seen or done this week. By leaving a comment here, your name will be entered in the drawing one time.  You can have up to 20 chances to win by leaving comments on all 18 mystery blogs in the hop plus a comment both in the Moxie Fab World and on the Paper Crafts Connection blog. 3 winners will be chosen.

All comments must be received by midnight (MDT) on Sunday, July 20. The three winners will be announced both on the Paper Crafts Connection Blog and on Moxie Fab World on Tuesday, July 20.

Are you ready for even more inspiration?  Are you ready for more opportunities to enter the giveaway?

To go to the blog of the next Card Style mystery blogger, click the button below!  Have fun!



cardstock (apricot)

patterned paper


robot/alien sticker accents (on sale!)


Thursday, July 15, 2010


I made this little framed piece for last week's "design team Saturday" on the Cosmo Cricket blog.

We were featuring Fiskars border punches and Cosmo Cricket (of course).





cc_fiskars_detail6 cc_fiskars_art2

You can see what the other design team girls created by clicking here.


patterned paper 

embossed cardstock

border punch (it's on sale!!)


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

this to that...

...have you tried these yet?


I love them.  love. them.

Wanna know why?  They are thick, they hold their shape, the backing is easy to remove, they come in squares or circles, and they are just plain fun.  You can read more about how much I love these foam adhesives here - American Crafts is featuring these babies on their blog this week.  Check out all the other fun projects PLUS see CHA sneak peeks here!

Speaking of sneak's a peek at the layout I created for "foam tabs week."


You can see the entire layout and list of supplies here. :o)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

errands with zach...


Zach went to town with me on Monday afternoon to run some errands. I love spending time with Zach – he cracks me up. We were gone less than an hour, and I think I spent at least half of that time laughing.


When we got home, I hurried in to write down some of the funny things he said. Here are some bits of our conversations from our errand trip. (Just to clarify – Zach’s words are in green, mine are in orange. :o) )


As we were pulling out of the garage:

When can we get one of those little cars without a top?

Why would we want one of those?

They are real, Mom. Don’t you know what I’m talking about?

Yes, I know they are real. But why would we want one?

Because then when you’re hot, you can get cooled off by the wind. You don’t have to have an “in-ditioner.”

But we couldn’t all fit in at the same time.

I know, but we are good at taking turns.

We stopped at the UPS store and a police truck drove by with its lights and sirens on.

Where do you think that police truck is going?

I don’t know – maybe to an accident or to help someone.

Or maybe they are going for coffee.


Yes. policemen drink coffee.

You think all policemen drink coffee?

Yes. They have to. Coffee and Beer.

Um, what?

Well, they do on The Simpsons.

I guess we better not let you watch the Simpsons anymore…it’s teaching you bad stuff. (NOTE: He does not watch The Simpsons regularly…just randomly – but obviously still too much)

Why mom? It doesn't teach me bad stuff. It’s okay. I like beer too. Not coffee – it’s bad for you, but I like beer.

Um, no…you don’t. You don’t like beer. You’ve never tasted beer. And it’s worse for you than coffee.

Yes I have. You let me have it sometimes.

No, Zach, I do not let you have beer.

Yes you do Mom – and sometimes we have it with ice cream in it.

Root beer?

Yeah, it’s the same thing, Mom. Beer and Root beer. It’s both beer.

At the McDonalds drive-thru:

(ordering) I’d like one large diet coke with light ice and one small fry.

from the back seat: MOM! I don’t want only one small fry. Please, can’t I have more than ONE SMALL FRY??? I can eat more than ONE SMALL FRY.

On the way home:

I love you Zach.

I know Mom. You tell us too much.

You can never tell someone you love them too many times – as long as you mean it.

Yeah, Mom. You can say it too much. You do it every day. Too too much.

Well, don’t ever forget it, okay?

How could I Mom? You always tell me.

Monday, July 12, 2010

christmas in july...

A few months ago, I was contacted by Debbie over at The Shabby Tea Room and asked to be a guest designer on her blog. 

I was excited when she told me the challenge of the week would be "Christmas in July." :o)

Here's a peek at the card I made for the challenge:


The Shabby Tea Room designers also created some fun holiday cards to share - check them out! :o)


Play Day Paper

Silly Chilly Paper

Textured Cardstock

Chipboard Snowflake

White Scallop Trim

Sunday, July 11, 2010

backyard safari...

Last month I received a super fun package from Team Mom and Backyard Safari Outfitters

All of the kids were excited to open the box to find these goodies inside:


There was a cargo vest, a periscope, and a bug vacuum

Guess which one was opened up first?  Yep...the bug vacuum of course!

Here's our youngest Backyard Explorer sporting all the gear:



Doesn't he look excited?


...let the bug-sucking begin...


Can't you just hear the chant, "suck bugs, suck bugs, suck bugs..."


Junior Backyard Explorer #2...slightly less enthusiastic about the photos, but not about the bug vacuum!

DSC_3655ed really sucks up bugs.


And after you are done examining them, you can let them go free - back into nature. :o)

Of course, I had to hop online and check out the other backyard safari products.  There are lot of them! 

Here are a few more facts about these products:

  • Each Backyard Safari Outfitters kit includes a detailed Pop-Up Field guide small enough to fit neatly into any pocket - there are illustrations and information perfect for kids to read and learn.
  • Backyard Safari Outfitters encourages children to get active, play outside, and explore nature (something that is becoming less common in this digital age)
  • Backyard Safari Outfitters is available at Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, and Target.
  • Here are some direct links to for the products we tried.


  • We are enjoying these Backyard Safari Outfittersproducts so much, we've already started making a list of more things we'd like to try soon:


  • Here's a great "starter kit" that would make a really nice gift:

I think we have many hours of backyard safaris in our future!  :o)

[Backyard Safari Outfitters products were provided to me to review by Team MomAll opinions are my own.]