Sunday, July 11, 2010

backyard safari...

Last month I received a super fun package from Team Mom and Backyard Safari Outfitters

All of the kids were excited to open the box to find these goodies inside:


There was a cargo vest, a periscope, and a bug vacuum

Guess which one was opened up first?  Yep...the bug vacuum of course!

Here's our youngest Backyard Explorer sporting all the gear:



Doesn't he look excited?


...let the bug-sucking begin...


Can't you just hear the chant, "suck bugs, suck bugs, suck bugs..."


Junior Backyard Explorer #2...slightly less enthusiastic about the photos, but not about the bug vacuum!

DSC_3655ed really sucks up bugs.


And after you are done examining them, you can let them go free - back into nature. :o)

Of course, I had to hop online and check out the other backyard safari products.  There are lot of them! 

Here are a few more facts about these products:

  • Each Backyard Safari Outfitters kit includes a detailed Pop-Up Field guide small enough to fit neatly into any pocket - there are illustrations and information perfect for kids to read and learn.
  • Backyard Safari Outfitters encourages children to get active, play outside, and explore nature (something that is becoming less common in this digital age)
  • Backyard Safari Outfitters is available at Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, and Target.
  • Here are some direct links to for the products we tried.


  • We are enjoying these Backyard Safari Outfittersproducts so much, we've already started making a list of more things we'd like to try soon:


  • Here's a great "starter kit" that would make a really nice gift:

I think we have many hours of backyard safaris in our future!  :o)

[Backyard Safari Outfitters products were provided to me to review by Team MomAll opinions are my own.]


  1. That is cool stuff! Glad your kiddos had a good time with it all!

    Isn't it fun to get stuff in the mail?

  2. Hey, send that guy to my house
    i have a lot of big hairy spiders for him to catch! Yeah, and he can even take them all home with him. No need releasing them back in my yard!