Thursday, April 22, 2010

happy earth day...



I think I have Nick Jr. to thank for Seth's excitement over Earth Day.  Seriously - he's been asking for over a month..."how many days until April 22nd?"  Apparently, today there are several new shows and lots of fun activities going on over at Nick Jr. today.  I'm sure he's counting down the minutes until Kindergarten is over so he can come home and celebrate Earth Day - because his "Nick friends are helping to save the planet all day long"!

He was so excited (??) for Earth Day that he couldn't sleep last night.  I was up late working, so he joined me in my office and drew his very own Earth.

seth_earth copy 3

Right after he woke up this morning he ran into my office and asked if it was Earth Day.  Then he asked where his earth was (I'd stacked a few papers on top of it in my efforts to clear some working space on my table) - he pulled it out and sat it on top of everything so I wouldn't forget what today was.

Only two more hours...and the celebration begins! 

I hope you enjoy Earth Day as much as we are going to!  :o)

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