Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i'm here...

I've received a handful of "where are you" and "are you okay?" e-mails, so I thought I'd just pop in quickly to say I'm here and I'm okay...and thanks for caring! ;)

A few weeks ago I was sitting at my table working early one morning when I heard a strange noise.  I looked out my window to see two hot air balloons rising just beyond our neighborhood.  My first thought was "Sheesh...it's FREEZING outside - those people must be CRAZY!"  I sat and watched for a moment and then I grabbed my camera.  As I watched them continue to rise high into the sky, steadily increasing the distance between them and me as they ever so slowly floated away into the distance, my thoughts took a different turn..."Wow, I bet it's so PEACEFUL up there!"


I'm not going up in a hot air balloon anytime soon (or ever, probably), but I'm hoping to be able to achieve the peaceful feelings I imagine accompany the passengers in those balloons. 

It's been a crazy couple of weeks - illness, work, church responsibilities, just getting back into an "after-the-holidays" routine, etc.  I've been super busy working on some fun projects for CHA and various other work-related items...can't wait until I can share them with you!  We've also shown our house a few times, but we haven't received any offers yet...hoping that will change soon, but until then, we'll keep plugging along - trying to keep the house as clean and organized as possible so when we get those "we'd like to show your house in 2 hours" phone calls, it won't be too stressful.  It shouldn't be that hard, but with all of my work lately, it's been a challenge.  We've also looked at a few homes we're interested in, but we can't make an offer until we sell this house, so we wait.

Yes, there's plenty to feel anxious and nervous about.  There are never-ending to-do lists.  Appointments.  Deadlines.  Surprise requests.  Illness.  Obligations.  Frustration.  Plenty of that.  I can't (and in reality, I likely wouldn't want) to make much of it disappear.  It's just part of life.  A good life.  Full of good things and opportunities.  My goal is to find and embrace the peace that's waiting in spite of it all.  So I'll continue to hold on to my proverbial hot-air balloon - every chance I get...knowing full well that even hot air balloons have to land sometime, right?!?

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  1. Wendy, so nice to hear from you! I know how tough life can get with work, kids, unexpected complications and all the other daily things we need to do. It sounds like you know how to keep it all in perspective though. It's so good that you also realize, as do I, how good life is and how lucky you are to have that life. You've always seemed to me to be such a happy, optimistic person. Hang on to that optimism, and just really enjoy those "hot air balloon" moments when they do come your way. Glad you are alright.