Thursday, January 14, 2010

winter blahs...

...that's what I started feeling immediately after we put away our Christmas tree and decorations.  Not that I wasn't happy to get it all put away - I was...and my house seems to have grown quite a bit since we took out the tree.  I love that feeling.  The clean, organized, spacious feeling.  But I started missing the color.  Immediately.  So I decided to add a little pop of color to the sitting room.  Wanna see what I made?  I can't show you here yet, but I can tell you that you can pop over to the American Crafts Blog to see!  But be sure to come back...


Do you want to make one too?

It's super simple! 

Here's what you'll need:

A sheet of THIS paper and a sheet of THIS paper (except I can't find it anywhere you could totally use THIS paper, which is even on SALE right now, btw,  if you run into the same problem)

One embellishment off of THIS Flair card

Several of THESE

One of THESE (and maybe THIS)

An empty 8x10" frame (I bought a few on a really good clearance at Kohls before Christmas)

15 minutes.


That's it.  Seriously.  It was SO quick and easy...and it makes me smile every time I see it.

And just for fun, here's a little peek at what I made with the leftover part of my paper and a few more American Crafts Goodies:


For a full list of products and more pictures of this page, visit the AC Blog! :o)


  1. Thank you Wendy! - I feel the same way at this time of year - ages ago, I said I'd collect snowmen and leave them up after Christmas to keep things happy. Sadly, my ever-loving OCD husband says "no" all that "stuff" has to be put away after Christmas. Welllll....I have the perfect snowflake paper and a picture of my kids...and so I'm thinking I'm bringing snow back in the form of a framed layout! Actually, I hang these huge plastic snowflakes over our front door for Christmas and the weather has been terrible so I haven't been *ahem*up to*ahem* climbing a ladder to take them down. So we aren't quite white trash...the lights are down, but the snowflakes? They might stay up another week or two ;) Oh! and to make a long comment even your craftroom! I'd love to see how you "categorize" your plastic drawer oganizers.

  2. Beautiful framed art and that layout is great, too! I went over to AC to check it out... TFS!

  3. Thank you! Love what you made with the Am C stuff. The snowflake is SO beautiful, and so are your LO :) :)

  4. Wendy~ I absolutely love your bird/branch decal on your wall. I keep coming to your site and looking at it over and over again and drooling over it! I would love that next to my front door! The problem is....I don't have a Silhouette....poor me. Is there any way you would/could make another available for purchase? Pretty please?? How is that for groveling? I know that was a long shot, but just thought I'd ask.

    Thanks for your awesome blog. I love visiting it!

  5. Cute project! Love the sneak peek of your room too! Where did you find that great mouse pad?