Sunday, November 08, 2009

one more music idea...

 One2One Network has been so generous lately - sharing lots of great new music with me.  Five for Fighting is the remember "Superman," right?  And "100 years"?  Well, I was able to download the brand new Five For Fighting album "Slice." 

fff album

At first I just listened casually.  The music was soft and easy...but there's a hint of "rock" to it as well.  It's definitely something I could have playing in the background. 

Then I really listened to the lyrics.  Wow.  Honestly - there are some deep messages in these songs.  "Note to the Unknown Soldier" will make you cry if you aren't careful.  "Slice," "Chances," and "Story of Your Life" are my top 3 picks...but honestly, there isn't a single song I dislike.  There's a pretty good variety on the album.  Overall, it's pretty somber, but yet up-beat enough to not be at all depressing.  John Ondrasik is a very gifted softwriter and has an amazing voice. 

If you're looking for something to add to your music library, I'd definitely suggest listening to a few of these songs to see if this album is for you! :)

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